Cavendish link will be 'slow road': Brownstein

Councillor Steven Erdelyi and CSL Mayor Mitchell Brownstein.

The long-awaited Cavendish Blvd. link between Côte St. Luc and St. Laurent will be an indirect and “slow” route, Côte St. Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein told Councillor Steven Erdelyi’s District 4 meeting last week.

The meeting was at the Le Waldorf senior’s residence.

During the evening’s question period, a cyclist expressed concern about a potential increased volume of traffic and a “greater potential for accidents.” The cyclist added that while he would prefer the link not be built, he asked that if it is, what measures would be taken to protect cyclists.

Brownstein replied that the Cavendish extension will not be a direct link.

“It goes from the end of Cavendish [in Côte St. Luc] to Wallenberg, and then it goes to Jean Talon, where there’s a little connection to Royalmount, and then from Royalmount to the other side of Cavendish, so it’s very indirect,” the mayor explained.

“By being an indirect link, and probably 40 km/hr like Fleet Road, and realizing that on the other side of that link, you’re going to have a 5,000-unit development on the Hippodrome and a whole new shopping complex on the 15-40,” he added, “you’re not really, in my opinion, going to have people diverting from Décarie to go through all of that to get to this little road, to get to Côte St. Luc, unless you want to come to Côte St. Luc.”

Brownstein said he thinks some of those who use Fleet Road to get into Côte St. Luc, and which is considered a slow route, “will use this other slow road” to get home into that city.

The Cavendish link, once built, is “another way for us [residents] to get out, and for those who are really determined to get to Côte St. Luc, to come this way, but it’s a slow road, without trucks, and very indirect.”

Brownstein also said there would be potentially good news for cyclists.

“Because it’s a new road, we can always incorporate bike paths, which is something that’s harder to do on an old road.”

The cyclist also asked if it is yet known what the traffic volume increase would be.

“We’re not at that stage yet,” the mayor said.

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