Canada ranks 43rd in world for vaccine doses per 100 people: tracker

Even as Quebec is beginning to vaccinate the general population over 70 years old this week, Canada still ranks 43rd in the world in terms of doses given per 100 people, according to the Bloomberg vaccine tracker.

As of Monday, Canada had administered 4.99 doses per 100 people, which translates into 1,871,245 in total.

Ahead of Canada are Croatia (5.05 per 100), the Netherlands (5.53), Luxembourg (5.87), the Czech Republic (6.10), Singapore (6.31), Sweden and Belgium (6.98), France (7.02), Italy (7.10), Germany (7.11), Austria (7.29), the European Union as a whole (7.37), Spain (7.76), Romania (7.9), Slovakia (8.00) and Finland (8.19).

Further up the list are Greece (8.26), Ireland (8.27), Slovenia (8.34), Portugal (8.39), Estonia (8.49), Lithuania (8.5), Cyprus (8.7), Poland (8.73), Norway (8.74), Switzerland (8.79), Iceland (9.01), Hungary (9.49), Morocco (10.11), Turkey (10.32), Denmark (10.37), and Barbados (11.72).

Rounding off the top 10 are Malta (15.78), Chile (17.58), Bahrain (19.9), Serbia (20), our southern neighbour the U.S. (23.16), Maldives (29.95), the U.K. (31.27), the United Arab Emirates (56.01), Seychelles (78.23) and on top, Israel with 88.47.

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