Better to do cardio outdoors: CSL Mayor

Gyms opened for use in Quebec on Monday.

Côte St. Luc Mayor Mitchell Brownstein recommended that residents do cardio exercises outdoors because of COVID-19, notwithstanding Quebec allowing the opening of gyms Monday.

Brownstein was responding to a question on the CSL Ideas Facebook page by resident Brandee Adler, who pointed out that while CSL's bylaw requires the wearing of masks in local businesses, "what is going to be the expectation regarding gyms and sporting activities?

"While I am all for the wearing of masks, they are difficult enough to breathe in without bringing exercise into the mix."

Brownstein replied that gyms "are probably one of the most dangerous places for particles in the air due to heavy breathing.

"However, there is a paragraph in our bylaw that allows the removal of a mask when individuals have trouble breathing, so theoretically if on a cardio machine and a person has trouble breathing, the mask could be removed, but it is not recommended.

"It would be more appropriate to do cardio outdoors. All studies show particles go further in the air in larger numbers when breathing heavily."

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