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Street tree planting is taking place in Westmount until Oct. 31.

Côte St. Luc

RECREATION PROGRAMMING: The city announced that effective Oct. 8 until Oct. 28 inclusively, due to Quebec Red alert COVID-19 regulations, “all recreation programming, team sport activities, and practices will be suspended.” As a result, “fall swimming lessons and programming are cancelled for this session. Those registered will receive a full refund. Open activities at the gymnasium, as well as group and organized activities, are suspended. Recreational skating at the arena, as well as recreational swimming and lap swim at the ACC, are still permitted and will remain open to service our residents. Reservations are required. The outdoor tennis courts remain open in October for singles-only play, while respecting the COVID-19 guidelines.” For more information, check or contact Parks and Recreation at 514-485-6806.


QUEEN MARY ROADWORK: The town announced there is roadwork at 5698 Queen Mary Road, which started Tuesday Oct. 13 and will conclude Friday Oct. 16. The working area will be from Merton to Hampstead Road. The reason for the road closure is that natural gas distributor Energir is working on the installation of a building connection. Parking will be prohibited in the area.

St. Laurent

PERMIT COUNTER: The borough announced that, due to Montreal being a red COVID-19 zone until at least Oct. 28, “we invite residents, as well as professionals, to use online tools to prepare and submit their permit application. The Permit counter [at the borough hall], 777 Marcel-Laurin] is open by appointment only. To obtain an appointment, please write to the following email address: Please note that, under current circumstances, we prioritize the filing of online applications in order to minimize the risk of contagion.”

TENNIS COURTS: The borough also announced that the Alexis-Nihon, Cousineau, Gohier, Hartenstein, Marcel-Laurin, Marlborough, Noël-Sud, Saint-Laurent and Painter park tennis courts are open until Oct. 18. “It should be noted that priority access to the courts is given to those who have reserved the playing area online at,” the announcement adds.

Montreal West

MOWEST TRAIN STATION CONSULT: The Montreal commuter train agency EXO is inviting residents to take part in a Facebook Live public consultation to discuss security improvements at the Montreal West train station. The online consultation begins 6 p.m. Oct. 22 at


STREET TREE PLANTING: The city announced that street tree planting began Tuesday Oct. 13 and will continue until Saturday Oct. 31. “Nearly 200 trees of different species will be planted on the public domain by the company Roseneige,” the announcement says. “Some streets may be blocked for short periods of time to carry out the work.”

PLAYGROUND STRUCTURES: The city also advised residents that “the play structures in Westmount’s parks and playgrounds were carefully chosen and installed to encourage safe, fun and inclusive activity. To avoid injury, and to avoid damaging the play structures, please make sure that children are using installations designed for their age group. The play structures should not be used by anyone over the age of 12.”

Town of Mount Royal

TMR ARENA ALSO CLOSED: The town added its arena to the list of municipal buildings closed, at least until Oct. 28, because of Montreal’s COVID-19 red alert status. As previously reported, the other closed buildings include the Recreation Centre (60 Roosevelt Avenue), Pierre Laporte Pool (955 Rockland Road), and the Reginald J. P. Dawson Library (1967 Graham Boulevard). “Only holders of an appointment will be able to enter a municipal building. Wearing a face mask is mandatory for those who have an appointment, as well as respecting all other current, standard health directives. Until further notice, the practice of outdoor activities (soccer, tennis, baseball, etc.) remains permitted if sufficient physical distance is maintained.” For more information, consult

Côte des Neiges-NDG

HEXAPHONE MULTIMEDIA INSTALLATION: A multimedia installation called Hexaphone began Oct. 2 and concludes Nov. 5. “Viewers can walk through for a behind-the-scenes look at a recording studio,” says the borough announcement. “Three artists (Thaïs, Jorane and KFTU) each recorded a piece of music in a studio. The sounds emitted by the instruments are isolated and distributed across five modules so that visitors can hear the sounds of each musician separately at first, and then hear them all together as a song once they reach the centre of the installation. The work is displayed in front of the Centre sportif Notre-Dame-de-Grâce,” at 6445 Monkland Ave.

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