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LEAD LEVEL IN WATER RESULTS QUESTIONS: Several residents asked the city on the CSL Ideas Facebook page why test results for lead in the water in their area conducted in July and August were not available yet. The city replied that “we recommend that you email with your details so they can follow up to you directly.” Some residents posted that they had indeed received results. Councillor Mitch Kujavsky posted, “I can tell you that our water was tested on Aug. 2 and we’re awaiting results. In speaking with my constituents (our mutual neighbours), average wait time is around eight weeks for results.”

HOME ELECTRIC CHARGING STATION REBATE: The city reminded residents that it is providing a “one-time subsidy of up to $250 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charging station. To apply for the rebate, applicants must complete the online application at A paper copy is also available. Conditions include: The subsidy can only be applied to electric vehicle home charging stations that have been installed between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. The home charging station must be installed in a single-family dwelling (including semi-detached property), townhouse, duplex, or condominium located on the City’s territory. The applicant must be an owner or lessee of an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid. The home charging station must be approved by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources – Roulez Vert Quebec Government program. The installation must be done by a holder of an electricity license in accordance with the Building Act and its regulations; The maximum subsidy allowed per civic address is $250. The City reserves the right to refuse an application or request for reimbursement for the financial assistance program following any false declaration by the resident.

CDN/NDGY REOPENED:After more than a year left dormant, activities are coming back to the NDG YMCA. The Hampton Avenue has reopened fitness and aquatic activities will officially as of October 4. Regular programing in the swimming pool, gymnasium, conditioning room and group classes are also available. It’s the first positive news for local members, who saw activities come to a halt and stay that way while other branches reopened, throwing more confusion into the issue following the city’s purchase of adjacent land for housing and greenspace contingent on maintaining Y operations. Masks are mandatory at the centre, along with a COVID-19 vaccination passport on your first visit (for participants aged 13 years and older). For more information on new guidelines visit

HampsteadVOTING BY MAIL: The town pointed out that “given the current COVID-19 pandemic, certain voters will be able to vote by mail” in the Nov. 7 municipal election. Eligible persons are those who are domiciled in Hampstead and who are in one of the following situations: They are unable to move about for health reasons. They are a caregiver domiciled at the same address as a person unable to move about for health reasons. They must comply with a recommendation or isolation order from public health authorities between October 17, and October 27, 2021. They are 70 years of age or older on election day. To vote by mail, you must make an oral or written request to the returning officer. For any request for information, please contact Simon Vincent, Returning Officer. His contact details are as follows: Address: 5569 Queen Mary Road, Hampstead, QC, H3X 1W5 Phone: 514 369 8200, ext. 8211. Email:

Montreal WestLOOKING TO THE NOV. 7 ELECTION AND BEYOND: Mayor Beny Masella, in his monthly Mayor’s Report, pointed out that two council seats — one vacated by Councillor Dino Mazzone who is not running, and the other held by incumbent Elizabeth Ulin — are being contested, and that he and councillors Colleen Feeney and Maria Torres have been acclaimed. “For my part, thank you for that show of confidence,” Masella said. “It was nice to see three new faces vying for a seat on council. So to Councillor Ulin and the other candidates, I wish good luck. And to outgoing Councillor Mazzone, on behalf of the residents of our Town, thank you for your time and commitment towards making this a better community.” Masella added that the goals he set out during the 2017 election included: Continue the work rebuilding our infrastructure. Continue working to secure the grants needed to bring our Recreation Centre to fruition. Work to bring development to the library lot. Move onto the next phases of the Davies Park rejuvenation and continue the renovation of our other parks.Continue working with our residents to mitigate the effects outside projects have on our traffic and safety. Use our Strategic Financial Plan as our guideline to keep tax increases at or below cost of living.” Masella added that “I am so proud that, as a team, this outgoing council achieved them all. After the elections and after the council has met and discussed it, we will set forth our goals for the new mandate.”

WestmountVICTORIA HALL GALLERY REOPENED: The city’s Library and Community Events Department announced that the reopening of the Gallery at Victoria Hall to the public took place Oct. 4. As well, “artists Anabel Burin, Arnaud Hug, Shahrzad Ghaffari are exhibiting their work from Oct. 4 to Nov. 8, 2021. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Visitors must present proof of vaccination with a QR code (in print, electronic format, or via the VaxiCode app) and a government-issued photo ID to enter the Gallery. In accordance with the public health measures in effect, a physical distancing of one metre, wearing of face coverings are required inside the Gallery.”

TREE PLANTING: The city also announced that its contractor, Rose Neige, last week began planting “150 trees on the municipal right of way in front of homes across the City. Residents receiving new trees have been notified. Trees will also be planted in Stayner Park and Westmount Park. The species to be planted have been chosen to encourage biodiversity and include the following: Quercus rubra, Quercus alba, Quercus robur ‘fastigiata,’ Crataegus x mordensis ‘snowbird,’ Tilia tomentosa, Tilia cordata ‘corzam,’ Acer miyabei ‘state street morton,’ Cercis Canadensis, Gleditsia triacanthos ‘northern acclaim,’ Salix alba ‘tristis,’ Juglans nigra, Populus tremuloides ‘erecta,’ Amelanchier laevis, Picea abies, Larix decidua, Tsuga Canadensis, and Pinus strobus.”

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