Abuse of power by Station 9 officer alleged in CSL

Kildare and Kellert in Côte St. Luc

Daniela Cambone alleged recently on the City of Côte St. Luc-created CSL Ideas Facebook page that a Station 9 officer abused his power while issuing her a ticket at the corner of Kildare and Kellert.

“I crossed on a green light yet I didn’t wait for the signal — I agree that was wrong but did it merit him threatening to put me in jail?” she wrote. “Telling me he can keep me here as long as he wants? And pointing to his badge telling me he’s a cop, not a CSL security guard? He kept me for one hour, I simply wanted to mail something and go back to my twin babies at home.”

We have contacted Station 9 and await a response.

In the meantime, the City of CSL replied, saying Cambone should raise the issue with Station 9.

“On the issue of crossing at traffic lights, the rule is that where a pedestrian crossing signal exists (the orange hand / walking person), a pedestrian must wait for the walking person signal,” the city’s response added. “When these signals are not present, one can cross with traffic on a regular green signal.”

A discussion then ensued, initiated by Ariel Davidson, about observant members of the Jewish community who cannot press buttons on traffic lights to change the signal.

“We will follow up to verify whether this signal is programmed to phase in automatically during the Jewish Sabbath hours,” CSL’s response said.

Others also weighed in on this issue.

“This should also be programmed during holidays,” wrote Daphne Benmergui. “This is a big problem on Fleet and Cavendish, as well as during Shabbat and the holidays as the signal never goes on.”

Resident Andee Shuster commented that the button to change the signal at Kildare and Kellert does not always work. “I take the Kildare and Kellert corner often and the walk light does not always turn on,” she wrote.

Nancy Reich commented that she would “rather see the police stop the speeding cars, or the drivers who go through stop signs then bother pedestrians.”

Diane Liebling said the most important issue is the alleged actions of the Station 9 officer.

“Threatening to put a person in jail and detaining them for an hour over such a trivial matter is disgusting,” she wrote. “This cop needs to be read the Riot Act.”

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My second to last sentence should read, "A June 15 pdf...


All Animals Are Created Equal, but Some Are More Equal Than Others. Yes, this story exposes a very arrogant and dismissive approach by police. I experienced similar rudeness and unnecessary fines when I was stopped by a policeman right at Station 11 for a traffic violation. The policeman stood 1 foot away and leaned into my car for over half an hour of back and forth to his vehicle, ALL WITHOUT A MASK. I was denied the right to get out of the car and get my mask out of the trunk. After a number of emails to both Mayor Laplante (who at least answered) and Sue Montgomery (who deleted my post on her Mayor facebook page), I finally received a response from Danny Diotte of SPVM 9, who informed me that POLICE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS! A June 15 by the Institut de Santé Publique du Québec was attached. So, police indifference to an elderly driver in a pandemic can by added to a general abuse of power complaint.

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