TC Transcontinental - Forty Years of Growth

TC Transcontinental reported $2 billion in revenues in 2016.

TC Transcontinental, Canada’s largest printer, a leading media organization and an important provider of flexible packaging in North America, was founded in 1976 when Rémi Marcoux teamed up with partners Claude Dubois and André Kingsley to buy Imprimerie Trans-Continental, a St. Laurent-based printing company.

     Success came quickly as the new company, which specialized in printing flyers, employed 100 people and generated revenues of $2.9 million in its first year.

     The company then expanded into door-to-door flyer distribution in 1978, and newspaper publishing in 1979 with the purchase of the business publication Les Affaires. In 1986 TC Transcontinental created Publisac. Expansion outside Quebec also began in the 1980s, initially to Brampton, Ontario, and the ensuing decades saw rapid growth.

     TC Transcontinental, also known as Transcontinental Inc., celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016. Its operations comprise print, flexible packaging, publishing and digital media. With consistency and a disciplined strategy the company has extended its reach, and now employs close to 8,000 people in Canada and the United States. Its network includes eighteen printing plants — three in Montreal — five flexible packaging plants, one premedia studio, 140 local and regional newspapers, fifteen niche media brands, and 12,500 book titles.

     “We have been good at innovation, transformation and nurturing our values along the way,” says a company statement regarding TC Transcontinental’s milestone year. “We have constantly evolved to stay close to our customers and partner with them to ensure their success.”

     Isabelle Marcoux, daughter of founder Rémi Marcoux, was elected Chair of the Board in 2012, and François Olivier has been President and Chief Executive Officer since 2008.

     TC Transcontinental and the Marcoux family have involved themselves deeply in philanthropy. The company and its employees donated $3 million to 350 organizations in 2015, and have donated $6 million to Centraide of Greater Montreal over the past 30 years. Isabelle Marcoux co-chaired the Centraide of Greater Montreal campaign in 2016.

     TC Transcontinental’s ongoing strategy includes optimizing its printing platform and media activities. Significantly for the company’s future, as it meets new demands and changing times, expansion within the flexible packaging industry is also foreseen through acquisitions and organic growth.

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