For the last decade, online engagement and social media have been important to how we express ourselves, where we go to talk to our friends, how we learn about the news locally or on a global scale, and even how we network in the job market. Virtually, everyone you know has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account. But with all the Montrealers online right now, which ones are worth following? More so, which ones should we turn to for inspiration and content? Fortunately, Montreal has got us covered with unexpected surprises if you’re willing to look. 

Alyssa D’Allmen is a local yoga guide that earned her 200-hour certification in India — the source of the practice. With a growing following on Instagram, she uses her platform to illustrate the positive effects of listening to your body and letting go of fear. D’Allmen’s posts are designed to show it’s a wonderful thing to tune into one’s conscious and to feel more alive. 

“Having an online presence allows me to reach more people and also helps me connect with likeminded yogis who share my interest. It helps me create stronger bonds with those who are supportive of my journey and vice versa,” Alyssa D’Allmen said. “I collaborate with my fellow yogis, take part in many sponsored challenges, and comment on posts. In yoga, we’re observing the mind and body through the lens of the soul. And every time I put out a challenge, photo, or caption, I always think how can I make this a better space? So, that’s my hope.” 

D’Allmen’s beautiful heart and warm personality can’t be overstated. But she isn’t the only Montrealer doing great things. A multidisciplinary artist named Dario Pannesse — better known as Dutty Dario — has blended nostalgia and his own authentic touch to create memorable bodies of work. Dutty has been associated with DVBBS and Roy Woods. Locally, Dutty worked with Atlier New Regime, Helmet Lang, and Saintwoods. Dutty’s success stands out when you visit his Instagram. But as he spoke with us, it became evident his online page has been the key factor. 

“Social media is so important for any business. Especially now with the pandemic forcing us to stay home,” Dutty told The Suburban. “For me, though, I use Instagram and my platform to give my followers a little of everything. I post memes, videos, and other relatable stuff to go with my artwork. I also like to post questions and really get to know the people who have showed me love. I make it personal so that others will know exactly who I am. And it has led to networking opportunities and friendships. That alone makes the hard work feel worth it and meaningful.” 

Currently, Dutty is focusing on canvas art pieces. His drive and creative ambition is quite something to admire. Speaking of which, however, this leads us to Alyana Salcedo — a local hairdresser at Revolution Hair Studio. Not only did Salcedo use her talent in the barber shop to restore confidence during the pandemic, yet she’s also deeply passionate about strong missions. 

“I’m proud to say that my studio is a part of The Green Circle Salon Organization, which uses and repurposes waste,” Alyana told us. “Hair clippings are later used to help pick up oil spills in the ocean. Chemical waste is implemented into the production of cement. Sustainability is our motivation. For me, it’s about doing what we can for the planet and leading by example.” 

Unquestionably, Montreal is filled with gems. So, why don’t you go check out D’Allmen, Dutty, and Salcedo when you have a chance? These are just some Montreal people to follow.

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Beautifully written article! So honoured to be featured along side such inspiring individuals.

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