While driving along Côte Saint-Luc road, my friend and I noticed a woman taking photos with her cell phone. What was it we wondered, we saw something white, then I realized it was a white squirrel. A white squirrel? These are a very rare sighting. We turned around and wanted to see it for ourselves. We got out of the car and we were is awe. I took some cell pics but of course was not satisfied with the results. One woman told us she is there often, another said she feeds him all of the time and yet another person said he was totally white in the summer.

All this to say that this little rare rodent was already popular in these parts.

Loving nature photography, I went back the next day, with my camera and armed with a bag of peanuts. He was there. I snapped away at my new rare friend, trying different poses and angles as I wanted to capture him (on camera) with all his glory. He befriended me instantly.

Now this could either be an albino squirrel or a white morph of the eastern grey squirrel. This did not matter to me as I knew it was rare and I was witnessing it with my own eyes. Clicking away with many people passing by and also surprised to see it.

Nature heals and it sure did so to me that day.

So welcome to the west end little guy, looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Another reason to take care of our planet, the beautiful gifts nature has to offer us.

—Lori Bellerdine — west end of Montreal


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