Wellness Weekend invites guests to go ‘back to basics’

The retreat is being held September 13-15 at Camp Wingate, situated on Lac-des-Trois-Frères in the Laurentian Mountains.

Marcy Beraznik-Greenspoon had been invited to her fair share of wellness-centred getaways. While the itineraries and locations of these weekends were intriguing, the price tag was incredibly hefty and likely unattainable to most people. So, she decided to organize her own Wellness Weekend at Camp Wingate, situated on Lac-des-Trois-Frères in the Laurentian Mountains. The concept: an adults-only retreat that highlights various areas of wellness and provides attendees with a camping experience that’s both fun and relaxing.

“We enlisted a summer camp to find a way to put together a wellness weekend in an affordable way,” said Beraznik-Greenspoon. “We’re taking the spa retreat idea and making it a little more homey, but still providing all the things you would get at a spa retreat, and more,”

To add a greater component of wellness to the summer-camp experience, Beraznik-Greenspoon partnered with MGPT, a boutique fitness studio in NDG. Maxine Grossman, owner and head coach of MGPT, said, “It can be hard to make time for fitness during the hustle of the daily life. This gives people a taste of fitness sessions during a weekend they have carved out to invest in themselves.”

Beraznik-Greenspoon is the co-founder of the parenting website mymlist.com as well as the Music in the Park program, so event planning was nothing new. The messages behind MIP and the Wellness Weekend were the same: keep it simple.

“I wanted to bring this concept of wellness retreats that most people would pay thousands of dollars for back to basics,” she explained. “Our Wellness Weekend slogan is, ‘fresh air, fitness, friendships and fun.’ The accommodations are cabins with all new mattresses and air conditioning and it’s really comfortable. We’re all about trying to get people to reconnect face to face.”

There will be lots to do during this Wellness Weekend. An impressive list of experts will be on-hand to offer their know-how and share their passion for health through various classes and workshops. Participants can join in on as many or as few as they wish. Or, if they prefer, they can simply enjoy the scenery and take advantage of the wide range of activities offered at the camp.

“We all need to escape from our city and family grind, and nature, sleepaway camps as well as fitness are some of my passions.” Beraznik-Greenspoon said. “Everybody wants to feel like they’re a kid again.”

The weekend is being held September 13-15. Visit www.wellnessweekend.ca for more info.

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