LYNQ (which stands for Love Yourself No Questions) helps to sneak in fruits and veggies into kids’ or adults’ diets – these fruit- and veggie-based powders can be mixed into drinks or added to food, and the company was co-founded by TMRers Antonella Argento and Mia Scaff.

When Argento’s son was 5, he was struggling with some health issues that made eating difficult. She found herself trying to think of creative ways to ensure he was getting proper nutrition. “After I researched the impact of nutrients from fruits and vegetables, I started juicing for him daily,” she explained. “But juicing became a lot of work and got expensive. I didn’t mind doing the work but minded doing it every day.” So, she came up with the idea of dehydrating the fruits and vegetables, turning them into a powder and adding them to water. Another somewhat long process, she then began to research ways to make juicing more convenient and more affordable.

Not only were Argento’s kids, who are now healthy 13 and 14 years olds, testing and loving her product, but so, too, were their friends. Her now business partner, Scaff, tasted it and loved it, and together Scaff and Argento decided to share this concept with others. Scaff, a naturopath as well as a homeopath, would help Argento review her son’s test results and give him the proper foods he needed through juicing. They did research and learned that nine out of ten people do not meet their daily fruit and vegetable requirements – and LYNQ was born.

Today there are five blends of LYNQ powder, all of which have three and a half servings of fruits and vegetables in them and no added sugar, plus they are allergen-free, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free. Their unflavoured blend is ideal to sneak into baked goods, eggs, sauces, and other foods, and LYNQ shares all sorts of great recipes on their active social media channels. Other mixes emphasize different functionalities (for example, their Brainiac blend has omega and their Invincible blend is high in vitamin C and iron). Available at retailers across Quebec and Ontario, LYNQ powder is sold at certain Metro and IGA grocery stores, and it’s also available through Amazon Prime and online.

“I was never a health-conscious mom until I experienced first-hand that we really are what we eat, and I understood the direct impact of food on our health,” Argento admitted. “I realized that what we eat is so important. If you want to be well, you need to start on the inside, and it all begins with diet.” LYNQ is a great way to ensure that all your family’s health benefits are met.

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