The International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu presents a festival that is always better adapted to its visitors. For the 36th edition, many new activities, new service areas, magical take offs and a sensational line-up await the festivalgoers for the one of the most family-friendly events in Quebec.

“It’s always a pleasure for me to collaborate with the International, a festival that is still surprising year after year,” stated spokesperson Anouk Meunier. “I’m really looking forward to the 36th edition, as it looks very exciting. Admiring the take offs, dancing to my favourite artist’s shows, discovering new talents and enjoying all of the activities are all part of a summer tradition that I’ll never get tired of.”


Haut-Richelieu’s sky is decorated by close to a hundred hot air balloons from all over the world, including 13 special shapes. Fascinating moments are expected during the take offs, on mornings and evenings, throughout the remaining days of festivities, which began on August 10. The Night Glows are back, these magnificent held-to-the-ground balloons lit up just like giant Chinese lanterns. It’s an incredible show not to miss on August 16th and 17th.


The 2019 line-up includes renowned international, national and provincial performers. Worldwide artists such as Akon, Sean Kingston, Serena Ryder and Walk off the Earth are up for the 36th edition, and will definitely deliver exceptional shows. Three Quebec rap leaders are going to perform at the International: Loud, Koriass and FouKi. Anyone would certainly appreciate the work of these three hip-hop rising stars. You will have your dose of good Quebec music with Vincent Vallières, 2 Frères, Ariane Moffatt, and Coeur de pirate, who will be performing for the first time at the festival. It’s our pleasure to welcome the band Mes Aïeux, who chose the International as one of their rare stops this summer, as they are coming back on stage after 10 years of absence. Nostalgia and campfire mood are going to be around the corner as Yelo Melo, Noir Silence and Les Respectables perform on the main stage. Also, you’ll spend a great evening enjoying La Compagnie créole, which will make all generations sing out loud its greatest hits. The festival will also welcome Claudia Bouvette, Roxanne Bruneau and DJ Fafa, three artists with a promising success, who will proudly represent the next generation of women in the music industry.


The Hot Air Balloon Interpretation Center will be a must this summer. You will have the chance to learn more about all the particularities of the hot air balloon. Other new activities will be part of this edition, such as the Tyro à Piko, a 400 feet long zip line that is going to fly over the festival grounds. Also, La course au ballon, which is exclusive to the International, is a competition in which each player must pedal on a stationary bike connected to a small hot air balloon to have it rise up to the top as fast as possible. La Lagune adds to La Tribu, the biggest family-friendly zone created last year for the 35th edition. It’s a brand new activity where you can enjoy a small pedal boat ride as a family.

Le Quartier J5, presented by Le Journal de Montréal, is back this year with its many tasty food trucks. La Terrasse Budweiser is a big central bar where you can grab a drink while enjoying the Hydro-Québec stage line-up. Musicians Olivier Couture, Vincent Bilwald, Michel Villeneuve, Kinkead, Thierry Larose and Zagata will be in charge of keeping a good vibe throughout the evening.


The Tim Hortons Discovery stage will welcome many family friendly shows. Bastien, Ari Cui-Cui en vacances, Galipette and Tourniquette, Brimbelle de la ferme au marché, and Moppi et Mélodie chantent l’été will have kids discover their enchanted world. Laughter and fun are expected for the little ones. Fabulous emerging artists will also show you their musical universe. Sabrina Sabotage will give us a colorful and energetic concert, as Titelaine will bring some electro-pop music. D-Track, Vincent Biliwald, Hélium, HeartsStreets, French Maji, Marie Gold and Virginie B will be part of the show as well. Several dancing schools with different styles (country, mexican, baladi, cheerleading) will be presenting shows. Finally, Patrimoine Canada allows many local artists to perform on our various stages.


Many more activities are back for this upcoming edition, including the animation zone La Tribu, which was a big success last summer. A brand new tree adventure obstacle course signed by Arbraska and the Imaginarium, presented by Tourisme Québec, will be featured as well. Skateboard workshop, giant sand boxes, huge chalkboards, and rides will be there to entertain the whole family.Children and adults will learn more about hot air balloons by meeting with the pilots or participating in the experience of a flight.

In addition, table games and giant games, slack lines, arts and crafts corner and a relaxation area will be in the Rouge FM Zone which will also be the home of a podcast studio throughout the festival! Head to the Chevrolet Zone and discover their different vehicles and the small remote- controlled cars and race tracks. Finally, after taking part in all these activities, you can take a break and enjoy a drink at Bistro SAQ.


For the 36th edition, two new facilities are put to the visitor’s disposition: L’esplanade and La buvette. L’esplanade is a shaded area, where everyone can take a break and enjoy their lunch away from the sun. La buvette is a water station, located in the center of the animation areas, where you can refill your reusable bottles.

To enjoy the festivities and enjoy the entire experience, get one of our Integrated Passports, available only in limited quantities, giving an everyday access to the site, the rides, and parking. For more information on tickets and passports head over to

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