TC Transcontinental Printing invests more than $10 million in its book printing platform

TC Transcontinental Printing, a sector of Transcontinental Inc. announced in an Oct. 15 release that it has invested more than $10 million over the past eight months in its book printing platform in Québec, mainly at its Transcontinental Interglobe plant in the Beauce region.

These investments have enabled the plant to improve its manufacturing efficiency to better meet the demand from North American customers and the fast delivery times expected by the market, while reducing its environmental footprint.

“These major investments demonstrate our confidence in the future of the North American book market and our desire to build our printing platform in growth verticals like this one,” said Jacques Grégoire, Chief Development Officer, Printing & Media at TC Transcontinental. “The timing is right for these investments with the signing of several contract extensions and new agreements with major educational publishers. They will allow us to remain competitive in the market and take on larger jobs to continually meet the growing demand from our customers.”

Most of the investments have been dedicated to the purchase of robotic equipment installed in the binding and bagging departments in order to increase production capacity and speed, while reducing dependence on the local workforce given labour constraints in the region. Amounts have also been allocated to modernize the colour systems on web and sheetfed presses to improve register control and colour reproduction, thus achieving the quality and final result desired by the customer more quickly.

In 2019, a study reported that the global book printing market is anticipated to reach values of around $49 billion by 2024. As the largest printer in Canada, these investments will allow TC Transcontinental Printing to benefit from the growth of the book market and maintain its leadership position in the industry. TC Transcontinental Printing has a network of 14 plants in Canada and has approximately 4,150 employees. The sector offers innovative printing solutions for flyers, in-store marketing products, newspapers, magazines and 4-colour books.

— TC Transcontinental


— AB

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