With so much less socializing (and therefore more time on our hands), it’s a great opportunity to get a head start on holiday shopping. By starting early, you can save money, seek out really thoughtful gifts, and take time in the weeks leading up to the holidays to really savour some much-deserved R&R. Here are some of the perks to being the early-worm shopper:

You’ll save money

December sales may seem alluring but there are still lots of sales and specials going on before that, especially as businesses strive to succeed in tumultuous times. If you start holiday shopping sooner than later, you can take the time you need to really find the best deals. In the long run, you’ll save a lot more money than waiting until the last minute.

You have the opportunity to brainstorm

There’s nothing worse than settling on a gift card at the eleventh hour because you waited too long to start looking for gifts. You still have weeks before the holidays — use that time to shop around and check out the latest and greatest in technology, toys, fashion and more. In the end, you’ll be able to give a more thought-out, meaningful present.

Everything is in stock

There’s nothing worse than having someone request an in-demand item for the holidays only to find that they’re sold out everywhere and you have to go chasing after it. When you kick-start your gift shopping early, you’ll never have to deal with rain checks.

There’s more time for the good stuff

Start shopping now and get through your gift-buying lists early, and you will be able to really focus on the slower pace the holidays can offer. Spend time with your family, bake, watch movies, play games, and rest assured knowing that the to-do’s are all done.

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