New data shows trending shopping categories leading up to the holidays in Quebec

In the lead up to the Holiday season, how are Quebecers going about in shopping for their loved ones? Following the Moneris/Leger survey shared in October, which showed that Quebecers are planning to shop local and online this holiday season, we now have more insights from Moneris into the 2020 holiday shopping so far, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up.

When will holiday spend peak?

1. Last year Black Friday was the biggest spending day in 2019 and early indications of holiday spending show Quebec consumer spending is tracking toward this date again, despite the impacts of second COVID-19 wave.

2. Year-to-date retail volumes are down but gaining momentum as we head into late November.

3. Prior to 2019, the busiest shopping day was historically the Friday before Christmas.

4. The uptick could indicate that Quebecers are starting holiday shopping earlier than usual, which survey data from October showed was the intention for 17 per cent of surveyed Quebecers.

Opportunities for Quebec small businesses

1. With Quebecers intending to shop more online* this holiday season, and nearly half saying they will shop around savings events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, these moments are a huge opportunity for small businesses.

2. Now is the time for small business owners to really leverage ecommerce as the holiday season approaches. It is still not too late, and ecommerce has become a vital tool with evolving COVID-19 safety measures.

Trending categories in fall 2020 to-date

1. The Household category continues to dominate throughout the country, with nearly 20% increase in volumes this fall compared to 2019. Indoor and winter-focused upgrades have been performing the best:

  • Fireplace stores are seeing 22% more volumes this October than last.
  • Household appliances: 27% more volumes.
  • Furniture & home furnishings: 20% more volumes.

2. Quebecers are enjoying fall by spending more time outdoors while also getting ready for winter sports:

  • Golf courses: 51% increase in volumes.
  • Recreational utility vehicles: 26% increase in volumes.
  • Trailer parks & campsites: 28% increase in volumes.
  • Motorcycle dealers: 34% increase in volumes.

3. Consumer behaviour also differed by region.

This information is based on October Leger/Moneris survey results that showed almost 8 out of 10 Quebecers plan to shop locally this season (79%, vs % in Canada), with three out of four Quebecers (75%, vs 70% in Canada) planning to do their holiday shopping online and almost 4 out of 10 Quebecers intend to spend around days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (39%, vs 47% in Canada).

— Moneris

— AB

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