Local company hiring 100 more sewing machine operators for PPEs and production of luxury tailored clothing

Samuelsohn Limitee announced in a May 21 release that it is creating more jobs and is hiring 100 sewers as it continues to produce PPE while beginning to produce its high-end men’s clothing again.

Hourly wage is a new industry high of $16 CAD extremely competitive pay, especially during a period of significant unemployment.

The company had brought in nearly 150 workers at the end of April to manufacture medical gowns for the Province of Quebec and subsequently two million more for the federal government of Canada. The gowns are intended for doctors, nurses and first responders at hospitals and healthcare facilities.

With the new reopening guidelines for non-essential businesses, Samuelsohn has begun to slowly resume production of the high-end suits, jackets, trousers and outerwear it sells to nearly 350 premium specialty stores in the United States and Canada including Harry Rosen stores.

“We need 100 more sewing machine operators immediately and have put out the word that we are hiring. We’ve put a signicant number of measures in place to ensure the safety of our workers in the factory. Everyone wears face masks, shields, gowns and gloves. Work stations are arranged for physical distancing. As well, lunches and breaks are staggered to avoid density. Good ventilation is provided along with periodic disinfecting throughout the day.” said Alan Abramowicz, President and Chief Operating Officer of Samuelsohn.

“We are excited to resume business with our retail partners in both countries who suffered significant lost business during the quarantine and to deliver merchandise that gives their consumers a reason to shop again. However, we remain committed to helping the Canadian department of health protect frontline healthcare workers with the PPE that is so important in the fight against COVID-19 – and we are prepared to continue to do so until the country recovers and stockpiles are replenished. In the process we are creating more domestic jobs.” said Stephen Granovsky, CEO of Samuelsohn.

Samuelsohn has manufactured men’s tailored clothing in Montreal for almost 100 years, and employs hundreds of highly trained apparel workers in its Avenue du Parc location.


— Samuelsohn, Limitee.


— AB

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