Jessica Di Re offers a realistic approach to navigating the real estate market

Jessica Di Re is excited about what’s ahead. She recently joined the province’s newest real estate agency, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Québec, and is busier than ever helping both her sellers and buyers navigate the current market conditions.

Whether it’s buying your first property, changing lifestyles or looking to diversify your real estate portfolio, her expertise is what you are looking for. This, along with her professionalism and personal attention to her clients, are some of the many reasons she’s built such a great name for herself.

Jessica specializes in residential properties in the West Island, where she lives and grew up, and other areas in and outside of the city.

“Most of my clients are referred to me from previous transactions as well as provincial, national and international colleagues,” she explained. “I’m also very active on social media, which generates many viable leads for my vendors. I also love showcasing properties and lifestyles from around the world as I strive to be both authentic and diversified.”

The online tools offered by the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices brand are also a complement to her digital strategy.

“The technology component gives people an extra edge when they want to sell their home, and we have some great alliances with digital companies,” she said. “We can easily expose our sellers’ properties on different digital platforms which reach an international customer base.”

Di Re’s approach to real estate has always been straightforward — she knows how to streamline the entire process so that it’s easy and stress-free for her clients.

“Buyers have to be aware that they can no longer ‘window shop’. Time is of the essence in this market,” she explained. “Getting a home at the right price with all the upgrades you are looking for may not happen. Buyers have to make a choice and it’s not always easy.” 

She has a few pro tips for buyers. One of them is to ensure you have what she calls “allies”. This includes a financial advisor, a mortgage representative, and a real estate broker. “You want them to all get together to come up with the best strategy to match your needs,” she said.

Another tip is making sure you have a tight schedule. “Whether if it’s a single person, a family, or a group of people moving into an intergenerational home, scheduling is important, and also being able to move quickly, especially now when days on market is very low.”

Di Re also sends a draft of what an offer looks like and goes through it with the buyer so that when it comes time to make an offer, they know the important points. 

Sellers should also go into listing their homes with a well thought-out, strategic plan that only experienced agents like Jessica can create.

“We should be prepping sellers on what to expect, especially when multiple offers come in… and these days, that happens a lot,” she said. “What are the non-negotiables? Do you have a plan B if someone wants a fast occupancy? Everything should be in order because things can move very quickly. We need to make sure that the sellers are well informed.”

Whether you’re looking to sell, buy or find a secondary home in a different market, Jessica Di Re’s extensive knowledge and care will streamline the whole process.

 You can reach Jessica Di Re at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Québec at 514-465-4197 or by visiting

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