This week we sent our Urban Adventurers to Moksha Yoga. Now I know that some people think that Yoga is for women only so we sent a man and a woman to see what each had to say.

She said…

I did a heated yoga class at Moksha, and I loved everything about it – the smell of the studio, the products on the shelves, the mats you could buy or rent, and the healthy fare to eat and drink afterwards.

I enjoyed the class immensely. Everyone came in and slowly filled the room, and there was soft music playing. The time before the class in the heated room allowed me time to "gather myself" before Cindy came in and began the class.

We went through a Yang Yin flow, which started with a faster pace and flow and then slowed down to more exaggerated and longer holds of poses. This class was perfect, especially because I haven't done yoga in a number of years – it was fast enough to keep my heart rate up (satisfying my inner gym junkie) and slow enough to add some mindfulness to my morning (something on my to-do list that I never get around to doing!).

I will definitely go back, probably this weekend. I’d like to get my kids into a class and do one at the same time!

I didn't like this class... I loved it!!!!

He said…

I liked everything from my experience at Moksha Yoga West Island, and it started from the moment I entered their bright and airy studio. The entrance was clean and the staff was super friendly, and I was immediately put at ease upon entering. You can buy mats and water bottles, and the changing room was especially spacious and comfortable.

Our class was given by Cindy, who was terrific! Despite the fact that I’ve done many yoga classes in the past, she was perfect for yogis of all levels, from rookie to pro. Yoga is all about letting go of any inhibitions and just going at your own pace, and that’s exactly what she encouraged everyone in the class to do.

Overall, the class was a great workout. The only complaint I have is that I had to go back to work afterward – I was so relaxed!

Moksha Yoga Open House

June 17-18, 2017


With 80 studios across the globe, Moksha Yoga is a network of independent hot yoga studios

committed to ethical, compassionate and environmentally conscious living. Join Moksha Yoga

Montreal, West Island, NDG and Griffintown for their upcoming open house weekend - June 17th &

18th: all classes $5 and all funds raised will go to the Yoga Minds School Project, bringing

mindfulness and yoga into schools! Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, come on in

for a sweat, a stretch and a detox, and benefit from exclusive sales including 20% off all class

packages! See Facebook event for more details.

See you soon in the hot room!

Moksha Yoga Montréal

3863 St.Laurent blvd. suite 205, Montréal


Moksha Griffintown

1744 Rue William #500, Montreal


Moksha Yoga NDG

4260 Girouard, Suite 300, Montreal


Moksha Yoga West Island

3669 Boul. des Sources, Dollard-des-Ormeaux


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