Well…it came faster than expected, but sweater season is in full swing, and pumpkin spice mania has begun! This means Fall is just around the corner – next week in fact, leaving us with one more weekend of summer. So, what can we turn to when we need to satisfy our palate with a well-deserved glass of wine? Rosé seems to have lost its appeal at this point and a super steely thirst quenching white is no longer justified. Heart-warming reds seems to be the answer and the wines listed below are sure to hit the spot. They’re the perfect blend of ripe fruit and earthy spice that will that offer plenty of comfort and warmth for the fresh days ahead.

Pierrick Harang Minervois Le Bio Balthazar, 2019

  • SAQ: 14061040, $16.50

This is an organic wine coming from Minervois in the south of France made of a blend of 80% Syrah and 20% Grenache. The Syrah grape gives notes of blackcurrant, black plum, blackberry, violet and spice while the Grenache delivers a little more red fruit like strawberries and cherries. Together they create a harmonious wine that has ripe fruit, raspy tannins, and well integrated oak. A rich and elegant wine balanced by a great freshness.

L’Écu Côtes du Rhône Nobis, 2018

  • SAQ : 14446601, $22.05

Fred Niger of Domaine L’Écu has made this gorgeous Syrah from Côtes du Rhône, and we are super fortunate to now have this wine available to us in Quebec. If the stunning and sensual label doesn’t catch your attention, then the wine sure will. This natural wine has an incredible brightness and purity of fruit that dances on the palate with notes of sweet red cherries, raspberries and blackberries layered with peppery spice and violet. It has a crazy good acidity and tannins that tingle – which persuades you to take sip after sip. This is a juicy and fruit forward wine with excellent drinkability, while still having plenty of depth and character. A delicious and persistent finish. So lovely.

Turkey Flat Butchers Block Shiraz Grenache Mourvèdre, 2017

  • SAQ:10968171, $23.75

I have a soft spot for Australian wine, but this GSM will certainly speak for itself. The full-bodied wine has lots of plush and ripe blackberry - bramble fruit with well integrated oak and spice. Lots of concentrated fruit, silky tannins, and good acidity to keep it all in balance. The enjoyable finish is focused on spice, black cherries, and mocha. A beautiful and delicious wine from the Barossa Valley.

Mandi Robertson earned her Sommelier Attestation (ASP) from Pearson School of Culinary Arts then worked as a Sommelier in Melbourne, Australia. Upon returning to Canada, she is now completing her WSET Diploma. Besides having extensive experience hosting private tastings, her passion for all aspects of the wine industry is furthermore demonstrated on her website, ‘A Walk on the Wine Side’. She is also the wine contributor for CJAD800 ‘Weekends with Ken’, Global News Morning.

Facebook: @mandiwineside

Instagram: @mandiwineside


— Mandi Robertson

— AB

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