La Poutine Week is back Feb. 1… with a twist

From February 1 to 7, Saputo presents La Poutine Week delivered by SkiptheDishes. The event is back to empower the Canadian restaurant industry, restaurateurs, servers, and foodies — all in celebration of poutine.

This year, La Poutine Week is serving you – allowing poutine lovers to discover new venues and savour unique poutines while providing the opportunity for restaurants to showcase their very best creations.

Hailed as the largest poutine festival across the world, La Poutine Week will be taking place across 8 provinces, including Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. With over 700 participating restaurants, across Canada, This year’s edition has demonstrated that even during a pandemic, restaurants will still come together through a universal love for cheese, fries and gravy — poutine.

“From a business standpoint, participating in La Poutine Week has introduced our restaurant to a new clientele, and vastly improved our weekday business,” said Devin DeSousa, owner of Fabergé restaurant in Montreal. “It is a fun and inclusive festival that spotlights a national treasure and our collective love for poutine. I think now, more than ever, it is important to appreciate what we love and be grateful for what we have - and that includes, poutine.”

It is no secret that the past year has been one of the most challenging times our country has ever faced. What better way to come together than through a universal love for poutine.

“This year, more than ever, every poutine that will be consumed becomes a mark of loyalty – for restaurants, for us, for our community,” stated Na’eem Adam, co-founder of La Poutine Week. “We are here to support our restaurants by driving sales through a national platform that celebrates our most recognized and beloved dish. The restaurant industry and the foodie community need good news, and La Poutine Week is one of them.”

Since in-person dining is not possible across all provinces, La Poutine Week has partnered with SkipTheDishes to offer pick-up and delivery so you can try all of the creations from the safety and comfort of your own home. In the mood for a poutine past the 8 pm curfew? No problem — Skip will still be able to satisfy your poutine cravings through delivery. And as a bonus in Quebec, Skip is offering free delivery from all restaurants until Feb. 8.

This year’s festival wouldn’t be possible without the support of La Poutine Week’s official cheese partner, Saputo.


La Poutine Week is more than just a festival. It’s a friendly competition among peers. At the end of the festival, each city will announce their respective winners in the following categories (and more!)

  • The Most Popular Poutine: Voted by you! During the festival, die-hard poutine- lovers and newcomers alike will be asked to go on and vote for their favourite poutine!
  • The Judge’s Choice: Determined by a panel of poutine-expert judges in each city.
  • The Most Outrageous Poutine
  • The Most Creative Poutine

For the third year in a row, La Poutine Week is giving back to an organization near and dear to their heart. One dollar for every poutine sold at a participating restaurant will go to Anorexia and Bulimia Québec (ANEB), an organization that guarantees free, immediate and specialized help to people with an eating disorder and their loved ones.

La Poutine Week was developed by co-founders Na’eem Adam and Thierry Rassam, also of the wildly successful fall food festival Le Burger Week, in 2012. After the success of Le Burger Week’s first edition the Montreal entrepreneurs realized Canada deserved a poutine-focused festival, as well! Fast-forward nine years; La Poutine Week has become the largest poutine festival across the world, with 350,000 yearly participants, an average of 500 participating restaurants across Canada, and $250,000 raised for charity.

— La Poutine Week

— SkipTheDishes

— AB

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