The Priory School set to expand with acquisition of the Buchanan House

The Priory School, located on The Boulevard.

The Priory School recently announced the school’s expansion with the acquisition of the Buchanan House, located next door on The Boulevard. This addition to the campus will allow the school to expand its program and add new cutting-edge spaces making their academic offering for primary school in line with the vision of its founders where “Happy Children Learn Best”.

As specialists in early childhood education, the school offers Kindergarten to Grade 6 classes. The Priory School is entirely focused on best practices while providing a safe space for its students in a small school environment. They are equally committed to social-emotional learning and the well-being of their students.

In addition to this announcement, The Priory School will be holding two virtual open houses on April 22 at 1 p.m. in English and April 23 at 1 p.m. in French. The open houses will provide an opportunity for new students and parents to learn more about its program, meet current students and teachers and discover student life at the school. Due to the overwhelming popularity of its previous open houses, earlier this year, the school is holding two more to meet the demand.

The Priory School set to expand with acquisition of the Buchanan House

The Buchanan House, located next door to the Priory School campus.

“The Priory School has been wanting to expand its educational offering to the community for some time and with the acquisition of The Buchanan House, we can finally dream big,” said Christian St-Pierre, Head of School of The Priory School. “In addition, we will be holding two virtual open houses in April, one in English and one in French. We can offer English language education, at the primary school level, to francophone families since the school does not require a certificate of eligibility for English language instruction.”

Parents can register online at:

For more information, visit

— The Priory School

— AB

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