The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation and Uber Eats team up to feed the Children's staff

Staff at the Montreal Children's Hospital have been investing all their effort and energy into their work since the pandemic hit. The last thing they want to do when they get home is to prepare a meal. To support their efforts and recognize their incredible work, the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation has teamed up with Uber Eats to feed hospital staff.

Uber eats will provide $75,000 worth of meals, said a statement released on April 9. This partnership will allow all employees at the Children's to order a meal at the end of a long workday from one of the many participating restaurants. This initiative also benefits restaurants, many of who are experiencing difficulties in these times of crisis.

The Foundation is proud of this beneficial alliance, which also provides a vital financial boost to the local economy. "We salute the resilience of the medical personnel who get up every morning to care for those who are sick. We want to thank them and simplify their lives by giving them a break from cooking," says Jonathan Hamel, Manager of Public Affairs for Quebec at Uber.

The collaboration between the Foundation and Uber Eats was born from a desire to honour all those who dedicate themselves tirelessly to protecting some of the province's sickest children. In these challenging times, Quebec and the rest of the world have pressed the pause button on many of life's activities. Yet, there is no break for the sick children and the caregivers at the Children's.

As president of the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation, Renée Vézina says she is privileged to witness the best side of humanity every day. "It is so comforting, especially at this time, to see the support that the population is extending towards our young patients and our dedicated staff who are battling relentlessly against this illness. The economic situation is exceptional, but together we will rise above this crisis."

The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation is encouraging the public, when it is able, to participate in the movement and show their support for the Children's employees.

A $20 donation to will provide a meal for a dedicated member of the Children's staff. This donation will also help local businesses and send a clear message: in Quebec, we remain #strongertogether!

— The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation

— AB

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