What does poutine have in common with lobster, Thai food, General Tao chicken, ribs and pulled pork? Le Grand Poutinefest West Island 2019 will offer you the answer when it rolls into Plaza Pointe-Claire the weekend of May 31 to June 2.

Quebec’s glorious gift to the world, the fabulously fun and filling concoction of French fries, cheese curds and gravy, will be celebrated and feted at this unique food festival’s first ever visit to the West Island. Six food trucks will be offering intriguing versions of la belle province’s favourite fast food. Thai poutine? Lobster poutine? General Tao poutine? Oh yeah, they’ll be available for those looking to expand their poutine horizons.

“The vegan poutine is made with fauxmage, so it’s not real cheese, and the sauce is made with vegetables,” said festival organizer Maude Couillard, whose go-to is the pulled pork poutine. “You’re going to have to pick and choose because the portions are big. We suggest that people come as a family and in groups. That way one person can go to one truck and someone else can go to another and then everyone can share and taste a few.”

Plaza Pointe-Claire representative Melanie Helpard recently had an opportunity to sample some of the poutines that will be offered.

“The Mediterranean poutine had some kind of chicken on top and that sort of white sauce you put on falafel,” Helpard said. “It was really good.”

Poutine purists need not fret, you will be able to savour the genuine article, stripped down to its basic elements and served without any extra adornments. There is no entrance fee for the family-friendly event, which will feature the West Island Mommies Fun Zone.

“The kids zone will have inflatable games,” Couillard said. “And there are going to be shows. So on the Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday there will be live music. And then on Saturday and Sunday morning we’re going to have a magician. And Saturday during the day we’re going to have Ballet Ouest de Montreal performing. So it’s going to be pretty busy with the animation.”

The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation will be the beneficiary of all funds raised through the sale of reusable forks ($1 each) and drinking cups ($2).

“You pay for it one time and then you’re good to go,” Couillard said. “There’s going to be beer, wine and sangria. We’re going to have lemonade, soft drinks, and water, of course.”

The Suburban’s Chill Zone will offer you an opportunity to take a load off and relax. You’ll have an opportunity to cross paths with Global TV personalities over the course of the weekend and The Beat Squad will be on hand to liven things up.

For more information, visit www.legrandpoutinefest.com or the Facebook page: Le Grand Poutinefest du West Island 2019

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