Kraft Heinz Project Pantry partners with Food Banks Canada to offer 1 million meals to those affected by the pandemic

Kraft Heinz Canada recently announced the creation of Kraft Heinz Project Pantry, a new initiative to support Food Banks Canada, which will donate 1 million meals and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for those working on the frontlines of Canadian food banks, said a May 1 statement.

“Kraft Heinz is proud to be a fixture in pantries across Canada, and we believe it is our responsibility to help ensure Canadians are supported with the food they need during COVID-19,” said Bruno Keller, President, Kraft Heinz Canada. “We’re with you, Canada, and we hope our donation will not only support families in need but enhance the safety of frontline workers volunteering their time at their local food bank.”

Kraft Heinz Project Pantry marks another chapter in Kraft Heinz’s history of supporting food banks in Canada. Over the past three years alone, Kraft Heinz has provided CAD $28 million in food donations to communities in need across Canada. Globally, The Kraft Heinz Company is committing USD $12 million to support food banks around the world in communities that are affected by the pandemic.

“The support we’re seeing, from Canadians and organizations like Kraft Heinz, is essential in keeping our food bank shelves stocked and our communities fed during this unstable time,” said Chris Hatch, CEO Food Banks Canada. ”The provision of personal protection equipment is not only necessary, it’s saying to food bank staff and volunteers, we care about your safety and we’re here for you, so you can be there for those in need.”

As the country’s largest food company, Kraft Heinz Canada reported that this initiative is supported by the efforts of more than 1,400 employees, who are working overtime to ensure production meets the demand of grocery stores and food banks. Production at Kraft Heinz Canada’s Mont Royal plant is now running lines continuously through the day and night with the goal of providing enough food to help feed all Canadians.

“The increased production and dedication of our plant employees really shows how important the culture of giving back to the community is for us, from senior leadership to our line workers,” said Danielle Nguyen, Plant Manager at Kraft Heinz Canada. “Some of our staff have even come out of retirement to support production and Canadians in this time of need.”

— Kraft Heinz Canada

— Food Banks Canada

— AB

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