Extra special festivities in Dorval

Jet, the Dorval mascot.

The COVID-19 situation has temporarily dampened our way of living, but it certainly has not erased the fun in Dorval. The municipality has organized several activities and festivities for the coming days, which will surely get rid of your confinement blues.

Live with Jet – June 27

Due to the cancellation of major community gatherings such as the Fête Nationale and Canada Day, the City of Dorval invites the public to its free drive-in, on June 27, as of 8:30 p.m., in the parking lot of Les Jardins Dorval, for a main event entitled “Live with Jet”, which will virtually highlight both the Fête Nationale AND Canada Day.

Alongside Jet, the Dorval mascot, you will be entertained while watching a fun, colourful show projected onto the giant screen, where musical group Sugar Cake and magician Majinx will wow you with amazing performances. Furthermore, the opening act of this unique show will feature Dany Pouliot, who will be singing Québec’s greatest musical hits live.

If you cannot attend on site, the virtual show will also be presented on the City of Dorval’s website on June 27, at 9:15 p.m.

To get tickets for the drive-in or for further details concerning this great “Live with Jet” festivity, visit www.city.dorval.qc.ca

Presentation of the Movie Menteur – June 26

Following the cancellation of the June 6 representation, the City of Dorval is once again offering this enjoyable drive-in evening featuring the movie Menteur (original French version), on June 26 at 9 p.m. Please note that ticket holders for the June 6 representation will, of course, be able to access the site on June 26 by presenting their already purchased ticket. Those who did not get the chance to purchase a ticket can now do so at a cost of $5 per car for Dorval residents.

Extra special festivities in Dorval

Dany Pouliot will be singing Québec’s greatest musical hits live.

Meet Your Bees – June 25

The City is offering a memorable experience that will give you the chance to witness the opening and the inspecting of a real, buzzing hive, live online, thanks to a Zoom presentation that will take place on June 25 at noon.

Regular Summer Programming

Besides these special events presented in the context of COVID-19, the City of Dorval offers varied programming throughout the summer (outdoor courses, recreational swim at aquatic centres, etc.).

For details on the events mentioned above or on the regular programming, visit www.city.dorval.qc.ca

— City of Dorval Source

— Sébastien Gauthier

— AB

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