Jaguar Land Rover Classic has been all about Rovers in its Reborn series, presenting the Series I and Range Rover Classic models. Now it’s adding a bit more Jag, putting its automotive talents toward the very worthy goal of restoring Series 1 E-types. At this year’s Techno-Classica Essen, revealed the first of 10 E-types it plans to rebirth, this one a beautifully revitalized 1965 Series 1 Fixed Head Coupe 4.2.

Jaguar Classic proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it knows its way around classic cars with the fascinating work it did bringing the Lightweight E-type and XKSS back to life. Those two models were ground-up recreation projects, and now Jaguar takes on the simpler but still impressive work of factory restorations. The E-type makes a natural first for the series, and Jaguar Classic plans an initial batch of 10 cars, each of which will be “expertly sourced and comprehensively restored.”

“The E-type is the most iconic sports car of all time,” opines Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic director. “We are delighted to be able to give new life to expertly selected examples for discerning customers around the world to own and enjoy. The resources and information available to Jaguar Classic’s expert technicians are unrivaled, which results in the most authentic E-type restorations possible.”

Jaguar’s experts source each E-type before restoring it according to 1960s factory specification, relying on original drawings and build records stored in the Jaguar Heritage Trust. The process includes retaining or refurbishing as much of the original car as possible while replacing safety-critical parts with new ones from Jaguar Classic Parts, swapping out unsalvageable body panels with Jaguar Classic reverse-engineered panels, and using period-appropriate spot welding when affixing those panels.

Buyers can also choose to improve performance by adding carefully selected options based on later E-type models, such as an improved cooling system with Lightweight E-type-derived parts and Series 2 front brake calipers.

The 1965 Fixed Head Coupe that’s the first to roll out of the Reborn program was originally exported to California in May 1965. Jaguar says the 265-hp 4.2-liter inline six-powered car recorded 78,000 miles (125.5K km) before being stored away back in 1983. Jaguar’s team has rebuilt the original bodyshell, engine and gearbox. The Opalescent Gunmetal Grey paint provides just enough shimmer to fully accentuate the E-type’s timeless curves without overpowering the eyes like a brighter treatment might.

Each E-type Reborn will start at approx. US $358,000 — a very pretty penny in its own right


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