Ile-Perrot Toyota and Mazda 2-20 Ile-Perrot stand out by winning an important Canadian award. The two Groupe AutoForce dealerships have reached the top 25 Best Car Dealerships to Work For in Canada. A list that includes only four Quebec dealerships.

The Best Dealership to Work For award is offered by the popular Automotive News Canada magazine and Best Companies Group. The contest for the best automobile employers was in its second edition. The objective of this event is to highlight innovative practices and unique initiatives implemented in the automotive field to create stimulating workplaces and thereby contribute to the retention of the workforce in a competitive market.

“The first step to making the Automotive News Canada list of Best Dealerships To Work For might be the toughest : the staff has to like their workplace enough to nominate it. That’s where it begins. Being liked. Maybe even loved,” wrote Jeff Melnychuk, editor-in-chief of Automotive News Canada in the October 2019 edition, which presents a portrait of each of the winners.

After a six-month process of evaluating many of the selection criteria, the contest's jury selected 25 dealers across Canada who stand out for their approach as employers. Of these, we count Ile-Perrot Toyota and Mazda 2-20 Ile-Perrot. Canada's only Toyota and Mazda dealerships on this prestigious list.

A philosophy focused on happiness at work

The Best Dealership To Work For award confirms that the efforts put in place by management to equip employees and provide them with a pleasant working environment are recognized and appreciated by team members from all departments.

In an effort to encourage professional development and employee engagement in their workplace, Groupe AutoForce dealerships offer a variety of training approaches, ranging from online courses to coaching sessions with management.

This type of initiative has drawn the interest of the jury of the competition, which seeks dealerships that know how to contribute to their employee’s success.

“We want our employees to feel a sense of entitlement and to be empowered. We follow up to ensure they’re on the right career path and if they’re missing any tools needed to achieve their goal, we provide support and the help needed,” shared Nick Huynh, Sales Manager at Ile-Perrot Toyota.

“Recruiting younger human resources requires creating an atmosphere of employee engagement, skills development and flexible workplace policies. The work environment has to be fulfilling and developmental if we are to recruit and retain talent. We place an emphasis on training, personal planning skills, technical skills, software utilization skills. We also promote within and have regular one-on-one personal feedback sessions,” shared Francois Gaumont, co-owner and director of Mazda 2-20 Ile-Perrot.

But that's not all. Daily work experience is also a priority at Groupe AutoForce. Everything is done to create a sense of belonging and happiness at work. “Interpersonal skills and belief in teamwork have become as important as actual field experience,” explained Sylvie Bewadekian, General Manager at Ile-Perrot Toyota.

The management works with employees to create an ideal work / family balance and a festive atmosphere that encourages exchanges and complicity.

A prize that inspires pride

Receiving the Best Dealership To Work For award has struck a chord at Groupe AutoForce.

“I would like to congratulate my team for winning this great nomination. Being recognized as one of Canada's top automotive employers is particularly important to us. Creating a nice work environment and seeing that team members like their jobs has an influence on performance. Employees are more engaged and this is reflected in our customer service. We observe better retention and a stronger sense of belonging,” shares Sylvie Bewadekian.

“Providing the best service is at the heart of the Mazda 2-20 business philosophy and Groupe AutoForce. And to ensure outstanding service, employees must be happy and proud to represent their dealership. This prize is the accomplishment of all that. I am so proud to see that we stand out across Canada. Our employees are our primary resource. This prize is theirs,” says François Gaumont.

“It's probably the price I'm most proud of, because it's impossible to get there without the team standing out on many levels. This award demonstrates the excellence of the company that is accomplished in a work environment that employees value. This positive environment helps the dedication of employees that is subsequently felt by all our customers. This helps the company continue to recruit excellent employees,” added André Gingras, president of Groupe AutoForce.

—Groupe AutoForce


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