Buying and Selling on LesPAC: Moving Toward More-Responsible Consumption

Give a second life to your goods

These days, there’s a lot of talk about over-consumption and the problems created by it. As a result of growing awareness about the problem, people are looking for solutions that allow them to free themselves from the clutter that fills their homes and weighs down their spirits. As we move towards a philosophy of more-responsible consumption, it becomes clear that the second-hand economy is the solution to over-consumption!

Buying and selling intelligently is exactly what, Quebec’s first classified ad site, provides for users. Ads can be placed for free in most categories (except real estate, job listings, and travel services), regardless of whether you’re selling as an individual or as a business. Why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Stop over-consuming

By searching on, you avoid making impulsive purchases that aren’t necessary. Shopping on LesPAC encourages you to compare sellers’ offers to find precisely right item that meets your needs.

A winning strategy

Why pay more, when you can pay less? On, you can find high-quality items at half or even a fraction of the retail price. It’s a great way to save money and put the money you saved toward other purchases. For example, a 2018 Nissan Micra SV starts at $14,863 before taxes when purchased new; the same car, previously owned but with low mileage, can be found for $10,888 on LesPAC. Lots of items lend themselves well to being bough second-hand, especially when they are in good condition. There’s nothing better than being able to buy something nearly new for an unbeatable price. This is what LesPAC promotes with our motto of “Brand Spanking Used”.

Protecting the environment

As risks from climate change continue to accumulate, no one can afford to be complacent about the future of our planet. Everyone can do their part to reduce their environmental impact, and responsible consumption is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to do so. When we buy used, we avoid the environmental costs associated with producing something brand new.

Buying local

By bringing buyers and sellers of used items together, LesPAC eliminates the economic and ecological costs of transporting goods and the use of third-parties (for example, retail stores.) Thanks to LesPAC’s regional search feature, buyers can find sellers who are located nearby.

Taking good care of your things

Responsible consumption also relates to how we use the things we own. For example, items that can only be used for a limited time, such as baby clothes and toys, can be sold second hand once we no longer need them. LesPAC members are inclined to take good care of their items, or repair them as necessary, because they plan to be able to re-sell them some day.

Have something to sell? Advertise it for free on LesPAC, it only takes few minutes to create your new adds.

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