Healthcare professionals really have been the heroes we all needed since the pandemic first began. Their job is to reassure us, to give us comfort, and to ultimately make us feel safe — even during the worst circumstances. It truly is an understatement to say that all frontline workers are deserving of respect and our congratulations. However, in the midst of the sacrifice and hard work, who is there to take care of hospital staff? Who is there to show our nurses and healthcare professionals that we see them, emphasize, are in debt to them, and want to help them out for a change? Well, that’s what Lovie Rivard did — giving birth to the An Act of Love project. 

Not only does it help feed nurses and doctors do their jobs more efficiently, yet it has come through as a way to make frontline workers feel appreciated. It was good for morale and their overall mental health. But almost coincidentally, everything started off with prayer. 

“It just fell into my lap,” Lovie Rivard said. “I remember waking up and asking God what I could do. Then, later that day, I was on Facebook and saw a post from a nurse that said they needed food. So, I figured that was God replying. I called the Lakeshore General Hospital, asked them how many people were there, and managed to feed everyone. That’s how it all started. And I thought it would be just this once. But it has really grown. The support has been incredible.”

Throughout the first two waves, Lovie managed to serve 50 meals a day to the staff at Lakeshore. However, she wasn’t alone. Many restaurants and home cooks kindly donated to the An Act of Love cause. Some restaurants include Chenoy’s, Kesté, Wok Cafe, Cote-St Luc BBQ, Boustans, Old Orchard Pub, Mr. Pretzel, and Gyro Souvlaki, just to list a few. Names of the home cooks include people like Sherin, Heather Pascal, Gartner & the Palabikian family, Rehka, the Vanderlowen sisters, and more than a dozen others.

April 2021 marks the one year anniversary since Lovie launched her project An Act of Love. However, as the third wave hit, donations have began to slow down a little. She hopes   that this changes very soon. After all, as Lovie put it, one can never have too many earth angels. It is something Lovie would love to find since her gracious efforts for the community have only evolved. Now, she has also launched a similar project with the aim to help single moms. 

“My new goal is to help single moms that aren’t getting the support they deserve. Again, I asked God for guidance. And, thankfully, Facebook showed me the way forward as I saw almost the same message I read from a nurse last year. Lots of people need help and we all have to do our part. Besides, this is our community and our neighbours. Nobody should be ignored.” 

You can find the Facebook page for Lovie’s new project under this name — “West Island & Off-Island Caring for the Community”. You can also get in contact with An Act of Love by messaging the group. So, let’s channel our inner earth angels. It can lead to beautiful things. 

 *If you are a person dedicated to helping your community, please do not hesitate to email I look forward to being in touch. *



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