Hampstead announces additional COVID-19 measures

Fences were installed to enclose local Hampstead play areas.

The Town of Hampstead has announced additional measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, in light of reports of some Côte St. Luc residents testing positive.

"The contacts were in the community and the infection will propagate," says a message from town Director General Richard Sun.

As a result, Hampstead instituted several measures.

• A Daily Outreach program for those residents alone or in isolation. "Town employees will call those residents, who registered in this program, on a daily basis," the advisory says. "We will provide primarily a call-in-touch program and help pass on information for queries."

• The installation of fences to "enclose all play equipment and exercise equipment in all Hampstead parks. The equipment is off-limits to all users and it is to prevent contamination and spread of the COVID-19 virus."

• "The dog run is closed under the same Social Distancing measure and to avoid cross-infection between humans and pets."

 • "Parks and greenspace remain open but residents are advised to keep a minimum distance of two metres from each other.

 • Public Security officers are wearing gloves and masks while on duty. "A face-shield may also be worn by the PSO. The measure is precautionary in nature. It is to protect our patrollers and the general public."

"We are assessing the situation as it evolves and we will intervene to help halt the coronavirus outbreak spread," the Director General wrote. "Please remember that preventing infections is everyone's responsibility — for you and your loved ones."


In the meantime, Mayor William Steinberg has urged residents to follow the Japanese, and not the American, model, as Japan has dealt more successfully with the virus than the Americans currently are.

"My theory is that the Japanese have a culture of following rules," the Mayor wrote. "It is almost an obsession. So when the government told the people to stay home, wash hands, self isolate, etc. The people listened and obeyed the directives. It worked."

Steinberg added that "if we want a faster end to this crisis, we must be more like the Japanese and less like the Americans. We must rigorously stay home except for essential trips. Cancel appointments, have food and medications delivered. Wash hands as often as possible. Do it for yourselves and your loved ones. Do it for the economy because the economy and stock markets won’t come back till the crisis is ending."

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