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Thank You Frontline Heroes
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So many owe so much to so few. That paraphrase of Winston Churchill’s famous statement during the Battle of Britain was in our minds as we planned this special issue where we profile some of today’s frontline heroes in the Covid crisis. This can rightly be called the Battle of the World. And proportionately, there may not be many more heroes to protect us today as there were then. The few. The precious few.

Our Kevin Woodhouse wrote a piece that you can see on our website -thesuburban.com — called “Three little words.” He called them the most important words for our time right now. No, the words aren’t “I love you” though those would apply as well. He wrote that the most important words for today are, “Please” and “Thank you.” He called for us to be civil, courteous and to show gratitude for what our frontline heroes are doing. This is this newspaper’s “Thank you.”

In articles in our hard copy and on our website, you will read their stories. Those we have profiled represent hundreds of others. Our fragile lives are so much in their hands. And too many of them are now falling victim to this virus. We salute them. The few. Profiles in courage.

But this crisis has brought out the best on all of us. Of course our medical professionals are first and foremost. But the definition of frontline heroes has greatly expanded. So many others in the essential services and volunteers have literally put themselves on the line to keep our society going. They are the journalists that keep us informed. Our neighbours who made PPE products for medical personnel. The homecare workers. Those in financial services that kept what remained of our commerce and our personal needs running smoothly. The workers in pharma that keep making the pills that keep us well. The truckers and delivery people that bring them to our pharmacies. The pharmacy employees that keep things going so we can get our meds. The grocers and depanneur owners that make sure we’re fed and supplied. The emergency repair people. Veternarians who stayed on the job to keep our pets safe. And so many more. We’re proud to salute them and will bring you their stories.

One final thought. We are very gratified that so many of you appreciate our website. Since this crisis started you have visited us in record numbers. And our Facebook page as well. You’ve also given a great reception to our newest venture “The Suburban On Air” where we bring you five important programs every week. Our staff is working around the clock to give you the latest developments and all the news you need to know from medical to financial to political. They’re as good as it gets. And nothing can match the immediacy of our digital and social media platforms. But we’d just like you to take a moment and appreciate how special hard copy still is. Look at the pages. Look at the faces. And never forget how special it is to spread heroes stories out in front of you, and as you spread out the pages around you, enter their world. You are surrounded by them. It is almost transcendent. Few media experiences can match hard copy at a time like this. And it is our privilege to bring it to you.