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Laval gives high marks for Quebec budget

The Quebec budget got high marks all around from the Mayor of Laval Tuesday. Stéphane Boyer welcomed the 2022-2023 budget with investments that “correspond to municipal priorities.”

Social housing is a major file for the new mayor, and the investment of $347 million for housing will make it possible to deliver a hundred new affordable housing units in Laval, while the $52.3 million for renovation of low-cost housing will contribute to the rehabilitation of Laval’s aging low-rent housing stock.

Today’s announcement is a step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go in order to sustainably improve the housing conditions of Laval residents, particularly in the context of the scarcity of available housing and the increase rents says Boyer. “The housing crisis requires innovative solutions; we must think outside the box. This is why the Mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, and I will be holding a housing summit next August in collaboration with the Union des municipalités de Québec and the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal. “

As the impacts of the pandemic on public transit network ridership are still being felt, the Boyer administration is particularly enthusiastic about the additional support of $393 million from the governments of Quebec and Canada to support public transit agencies

The government’s investment of some $888 million over 5 years to improve support for the overall mission of community organizations in several sectors is also good news for the city which made increased support for community organizations an item on its budget wish list. “This helping hand is excellent news for Laval community organizations, which do essential work on the ground. This aid is in perfect harmony with the orientations of our administration.”

Boyer also lauded the additional spending to fight climate change and accelerate Quebec’s transition to a lower carbon economy, injections of additional amounts for the cultural sector, cash for the bio-food sector and investments in increasing the productivity of the economy in this post-pandemic era.

More than $420 million in Quebec cash for road network

Quebec will spend nearly half a billion dollar on roadways in the Laval region over the next two years. Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for the Laval region François Bonnardel announced investments of $427,651,000 for Laval’s road network on Monday.

The money will result in the implementation of important projects, such as paving Autoroute 13 northbound between the Louis-Bisson and Vachon bridges; construction of a direct overhead link between highways 440 westbound and 15 northbound, and a new entrance to highway 15 northbound; and paving of Highway 440 between Route 117 and Francis-Hughes Avenue.

In all, 12 projects are planned for the Laval region.

Work to extend Highway 19 will continue this year in the Boulevard Saint-Saëns sector, and the Highway 440 and Highway 15 interchange reconfiguration project will begin a new phase, this time in the area of exit 22 on the 440.

The sums invested in the Laval region break down as follows: $99,108,000 for roads in good condition; $54,649,000 for structures in good condition; and $273,894,000 for an efficient and safe network, in particular to follow up on recommendations from the Bureau du coroner.

Six projects targeted by the Act respecting the acceleration of certain infrastructure projects will act as levers for the economic recovery underway in Québec, and in 2021, several projects were completed, including the creation of a reserved lane for buses and carpooling on Autoroute 440 and Route 148 between Boulevard Arthur-Sauvé and the interchange of Autoroutes 13 and 440; construction of a new interchange on Highway 440 between Highway 19 and Route 125, and the lamppost replacement program on various roads in the North Shore.