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Two men arrested in drug related home invasion in DDO

Police arrested two men following a drug-related argument in a Dollard-des-Ormeaux home on Saturday.

Police arrived at the scene of the residential neighbourhood on the corner of Huron and Shakespeare at approximately 7:20 a.m. Saturday morning following a home invasion call.

Police conducted a search for the 51-year-old suspect, who is known to police, for 13 hours before he was caught and arrested.

The 50 year old male who was in the residence when police arrived was also arrested.

At the onset of the search, neighbours were asked to stay in their homes while others were evacuated.

The SPVM SWAT team was deployed to control the situation while officers investigated and a bus arrived at 10:45. Police escorted those who were evacuated onto the bus.

“The only occupant of the home, a 51-year-old male, was alone when police arrived. It appears that victim was confronted at his home in a drug-related issue.” Montreal police spokesperson Carolyne Chrvrefils, told The Suburban on Saturday morning.

The area was closed off while officers continued to canvas the area for the suspect.

According to police, the area was also closed off as a precautionary measure to protect the public.

Pedestrians and drivers were asked to avoid the area until 7 p.m.

K9 police dogs were brought in to the search operation to ensure that the suspect was no longer in the area as a precaution prior to re-opening access to the public and allowing evacuees to return to their homes.

Quebec's HRC says state must show cause for mandatory vax

“To force people to get vaccinated, the government must produce reasons, justifications.” the Quebec Human Rights Commission declared on Friday.

“Given the information we now have in hand, we cannot authorize the government’s decision to make vaccination mandatory for health-care workers.” Philippe-André Tessier, president of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse, told a committee of the legislature.

According to Tessier, mandatory vaccination affects people’s rights as protected by the Charters of Rights and Freedoms. While current studies show that vaccination remains the most efficient way to protect against COVID-19 and increase the safety of citizens, Tessier says that the study of these two fundamental rights needs to be taken into account prior to the application of a passport.

“Though it is possible to impose mandatory vaccination on employees of the state, an infringement of individual rights is an entirely different issue that must be justified by the government,” Tessier said.

Unions representing health-care workers and education sector workers are also cautioning against the imposition of mandatory vaccination, however Premier Legault has categorically refused a debate on multiple occasions and maintains that the Emergency Act is sufficient for the government to impose vaccinations and passports.

Representatives of Quebec’s post secondary institutions argued that masking regulations are sufficient to protect teachers and students against COVID in their schools.

“We want to remind the government of the numerous grey zones that exist and that it must be clarified given current labour shortages,” Éric Gingras, president of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) representing 125,000 education-sector workers, said.

While the Quebec government released the results of a poll that states 96% of Quebec elementary and high school teachers are double vaxxed — Sylvain Mallette, president of the Fédération autonome de l’enseignment (FAE), representing 50,000 teachers, questions the validity of the poll. Malette referred to the poll as a “marketing campaign” to induce a false sense of security as teachers do not make up the whole of the staff in educational institutions. “I do not have an opinion on mandatory vaccinations, because the government has yet to demonstrate that it is necessary,” he said.

Meanwhile, Legault constantly refers to those who want a discussion on passport or vaccination imposition as “conspiracy theorists,” saying that he will not give them a platform. He also encourages the notion that private sector employers may request proof of vaccination from their employees.

When questioned about his decision-making process, he repeats “I think that the majority of Quebecers agree.”

“François Legault must cease refusing such debates because he dislikes hearing opinions other than his own.” Liberal health critic Marie Montpetit said in a statement.

“The pandemic should not constitute a blank cheque for the CAQ government. While we are in favour of swiftly implementing a vaccine passport to avoid further worsening the situation, we can also debate the modalities without hindering its implementation.”

“The limitation of rights is provided as a possibility in the constitution, the question is whether or not it is proportional with the objective,” Montreal lawyer Natalia Manole — who is representing two teachers — said to The Suburban. “The objective of the passport is to stop the spread of the virus. The government has not yet proven that this limitation is proportionate to the objective.”

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Vax Passport Day: Where you need to show it
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The Quebec government has provided a comprehensive list of venues that are accessible to those with proof of vaccination beginning today, Sept. 1, via the VaxiCode app.

Health Minister Christian Dubé provided a few examples of these venues during his Aug. 24 press conference announcing the app, but the actual list on quebec.ca is much longer.

Along with the proof on the VaxiCode app or the QR code on one’s phone in PDF format, Quebecers are also required to show proof of identity with a photo, such as a license or Medicare card. Those without a smartphone can show their QR proof of vaccination code on paper, preferably business-card size. The print-out will have to be clear enough to read.

The passport is needed for “outdoor events and festivals where the number of participants exceeds 50 people,” including “sports matches or shows (play, musical concert, etc.) in outdoor stadiums; music or comedy shows on an outdoor stage; associative or high level sports competitions; an outdoor cinema; agricultural fairs, trade fairs; multi-purpose festivals or celebrations; walks, marathons, cycling circuits; and golf tournaments.”

Regarding places where eating and drinking take place, the passport is needed for “bars and restaurants, including terraces; dining rooms of fast food establishments; discotheques; microbreweries; distilleries; and eateries at shopping malls.”

The passport is not required for “drive-thrus and take-out counters.” As well, “homeless people would be exempt from the requirement to present a vaccination passport to access dining rooms and restaurant terraces.”

Regarding entertainment venues, the passport is needed for “performance venues; stadiums and arenas; auditoriums; and cinemas;” and “any other type of hall or place where performing arts, sports matches or films are presented.”

In the category of amusement parks, arcades and other venues, the passport is needed for: “venues with an indoor free fall in a vertical flight chamber; amusement centres with a trampoline; paintball, laser tag; karting; rides; escape games; amusement centers for children (inflatable games, ball pools, etc.); historical or thematic villages (eg: Santa Claus village); places for playing bowling, billiards or other similar games; zoos, aquariums and similar places; biodomes, planetariums, insectariums; botanical gardens; and trade fairs and exhibitions.”

The vaccination passport will not be needed at libraries and museums.

In the sports category, the passport is needed for “team sports or physical activities involving frequent or prolonged contact, practiced outdoors, including during an extracurricular activity, with the exception of professional and high level sports or those practiced in a school setting.” The activities include “basketball, football, rugby, baseball, soccer, hockey, deck hockey, handball, kinball, volleyball, ringette, softball, water polo, lacrosse; karate, judo, Olympic boxing, kick-boxing, Olympic wrestling, taekwondo; squash, spikeball, wall ball, racquetball; doubles tennis, badminton, pickle ball and table tennis; double rowing, canoeing for two or more, dragon boat, rafting; artistic swimming in pairs and in teams; pair and synchro figure skating; cheerleading; curling; ultimate frisbee; crossfit; speed skating; and fencing.”

As well, “the vaccination passport is required for the following activities, when taking place indoors:escalation; weight lifting; swimming; individual artistic swimming; simple figure skating; diving, gymnastics; indoor training; dance; trampoline; and all sports activities offered in the form of group lessons or training: spinning, pilates or yoga, swimming lessons, etc.”

The vaccination passport is not required for, when they take place outdoors, “tennis; golf; athletics, biathlon, triathlon; archery; horse riding; downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, water skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing; road biking and mountain biking; single rowing and single canoeing; petanque; paddle board, single sail; hiking, and running.”

The passport will not be needed at and for “private gatherings; ceremonies (weddings, funerals); places of worship (although some are choosing to require it); spas and saunas; shops and businesses offering personal and aesthetic care; massage therapy; dog training course; driving lessons; accommodations; and hunting and fishing activities.” joel@thesuburban.com