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Gold for Laval ad campaign

Another feather in the cap for Laval as it receives another Plume d’Excellence Award for its communication strategies, earning a Gold Plume and two other finalist spots.

The Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec (ACMQ) gave Laval the Gold for its

Mets du respect dans ton bac behavioral campaign, lauded for its global influence and its originality. The audacious campaign approached recycling from a new angle, employing popular Quebec rap group Alaclair Ensemble with a video clip filmed at the Tricentris sorting centre in Terrebonne that was shared more than 220,000 times and had more than 2 million views.

The video is the group’s most popular, and the song was considered one of the best of the year by Urbania Musique and ADISQ. Laval’s initiative was cited throughout Quebec — as well as in France, Belgium, England and Algeria.

The city was also recognized for its Laval, île d’exceptions campaign, showcasing its evolving nature as the third largest city in Québec, targeting a wide array of demographics.

Also lauded was the city’s editorial line on social media, which saw a decided shift to real dialogue with residents using humor and entertaining tone. The city says the strategy increase the number of subscribers the city communications services by 21%, and a large boosting the number of publication views. Since 2012 total of nine Plumes d’excellence.

Laval service centre expands with Cunard campus

The important acquisition of a property in Laval is helping the Centre de services scolaire de Laval accommodate more students across its school network.

The 2015 acquisition of the building at 2100 rue Cunard, at the intersection of highways 15 and 440,is a solution to the scarcity of land on Laval soil for the construction of new schools while managing public funds with the greatest efficiency.

With its strategic geographic location in the heart of Laval, the development of the Cunard building will accommodate up to 2000 students in a centralized, multiservice location combining professional training, adult education, continuing education and service to businesses, uniting under one roof several training programs currently annexed to secondary schools, thereby freeing up additional spaces that will be able to serve the growing secondary school clientele.

Since 2012, the CSSL – which has 56,000 students in its network 85 schools and centres – of has experienced strong growth in its clientele, mainly in elementary school, which is why several schools have been built or enlarged in recent years. These students are now entering secondary school and we will have to welcome more than 4,000 additional secondary school students in the coming years.

The deployment of the major Cunard project this fall will continue until 2024. The redesigned installations and the new spaces will be delivered in successive sequences throughout the duration of the project which will require implementation of different work sites on five other high schools.

By freeing up the spaces currently occupied by Laval’s École hotelerie and the Paul-Émile-Dufresne professional training center, the Curé-Antoine-Labelle campus will be able to accommodate more than 800 additional secondary students, while hosting the construction of a new building to serve the growing clientele of the Jean-Piaget special school for students with disabilities.

Metallurgy programs offered at Horizon Jeunesse will be relocated in a new construction annexed to the Competences-2000 training center, freeing up space to accommodate 450 additional high school students on this campus.

By freeing the two buildings of the Les Berges training center, the Saint-Maxime school will be able to accommodate 750 additional students in secondary school. A reflection is underway surrounding the relocation of the Alphonse-Desjardins specialized school and plans for a new location are beginning to emerge.

The Competences-2000 campus will also undergo some transformations with some of the programs currently offered at the vocational training center moving to Cunard, while a program currently offered at the Paul-Émile-Dufresne center will be offered at Competences-2000, which will be expanded to accommodate the Metallurgy programs. The campus was also identified for the construction of a new high school, the campus neighbouring the Bois-de-Boulogne sports complex providing quality, stimulating and learning-friendly infrastructure.