I repeat these words in my head, I am not a crazy dog person, I am not a crazy dog person, I AM NOT A CRAZY DOG PERSON!!!

Seriously, I am not a crazy dog person…

Although, today I caught myself leaving my home and saying this to my dog, “Okay Poopie. Mommy is leaving for just a few hours to teach. I love you. I promise to give you big cuddles when I get back. Here’s a treat. Be a good boy. I love you. You are so delicious. Mommy loves you Poopie.”

Right after saying those words, I said this to my husband, “Bye!”

I think something is shifting in me.

I quote Dorit, “If your husband wants to know where you went, he can always ask your dog!”

When did this happen to me? When did I become this dog loving person?

Also, recently I caught myself saying something really ridiculous. I mentioned to my daughter how I would like a way to see what Bear (my dog) is doing during the day and also be able to speak to him. Sort of like a monitor. She told me this technology is available and that I should inquire about it.

I know this technology is available, I was just thinking about it, not really wanting to act on it. Truthfully, when I’m coming home late from work, I do feel the need to tell Bear, “Mommy will be home in just a few more minutes. Don’t worry. I love you!”

I think about this all the time…

And… as soon as my car enters the garage and I step out of it, I’m already talking to Bear and telling him I’m home!

Have I become a crazy dog person? What is the measurement or criteria of a crazy dog person?

I do not dress him up. I do not sleep with him in the same bed. I do not give him unlimited treats. I do not buy him presents.

But as soon as I open my eyes in the morning he is the first eyes I see. He follows me around our home. He barks at me to sit on the couch, so he can cuddle next to me which inevitability guarantees him a tummy rub. He gets bossy for my attention. Basically, he gets what he wants from me but I also get adoring, unquestionable devoted love from him.

We are in love.

Does this make me a crazy dog person?

Years ago Bear was a Pet Therapy Dog. He went to visit elderly people in an elder care residence. Now that he is close to 11 years old, he’s no longer interested in being handled by many strangers. When he was younger, he did enjoy those visits. Now, he will give private visits, but not more than once a day.

He’s a really good boy. He gives off great happy vibes. He’s my sweetie poopie!

Maybe I am a crazy dog person?

My family mentions how when I am around, Bear will not go to anyone else but me. I think this is the nature of his poodle breed. It’s only when I am away from our home, will he get closer to someone else. He’s devoted.

I wonder? Am I a crazy dog person? Did this happen to me?

Growing up I had a pet cat which gave birth to 5 kittens. From that moment on, I became a cat loving person. As soon as I got married, I got a cat. Three wonderful cats later, we no longer have cats. I have a dog. THE BEST DOG IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

I tell him this every day.

Are you a crazy dog person? Tell us about what makes you a crazy dog person. Maybe you can answer this question… Does it sound like I am I a crazy dog person?

Tonight…“Okay Poopie. We’re going to have dinner. Then go for a nice long walk. I’m going to brush your fur and give you big cuddles and kisses.”

To my family, “Eat what’s in the fridge!”

—Suzanne Reisler Litwin

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