Suzanne Reisler Litwin: The Spring 2021 Series: Pumping Up Positivity; Part Three – These Two Youts!

This week, Suzanne Reisler Litwin introduces readers to Two Youts! The Deli Queen, Sophy Agelopoulo; and Teacher Extraordinaire, Lea Beddia (pictured).

Welcome to The 2021 Spring Series – Pumping Up Positivity! This is the most encouraging series you will ever read. What’s it about? I’m glad you asked. It’s about living through challenging times with an encouraging positive perspective.

Everyone is living a very different life, especially now. Everyone has a different perspective and interesting tools for living in the positive. I asked an eclectic group of people to answer a questionnaire based on their “Positive Perspectives”. In this series, I will share with you their very generous and thought provoking responses.

Perhaps you will adopt some of these positive tools and broaden your own perspective. Enjoy, Living in the Now!

This week, I introduce to you two young Moms, also known as These Two Youts, Sophy Agelopoulos, The Deli Queen, and Lea Beddia, Teacher Extraordinaire.

Suzanne Reisler Litwin: The Spring 2021 Series: Pumping Up Positivity; Part Three – These Two Youts!

Sophy Agelopoulos

Sophy Agelopoulos

  • The Deli Queen. Laughter is life. Joking around with our customers is my favourite part of the job.

Sophy wakes up ridiculously early… So I asked, when you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think about.

First thought is: “Why do I have to get up so early?!?!? I’m not a marine or a farmer!!!” After that initial thought, I realize that I can creep into my 11 year old son’s room and give him a few snuggles and kisses. He always tells me to have a great day. Also, he’s so cute, groggy and warm in the morning.

What positive words do you think about or use during your day?

Life is beautiful. Focus on today. I try to use the words “Bandit” or “Fella” or any word reminiscent of a different era that always cracks me up.

“Hey there Fella... Can you get me some iced cream outta the cooler?” Sassy, Jezebel, prophylactic, trousers... I can go on and on....

So… Jezebel Sophy, what is your positive perspective?

I mean, everyone is looking for the meaning of life. The “Why am I here?” the “What is my purpose?” all these big questions.

For me, the answer is simple. The meaning of life is to live. Just live.... live every moment. Laugh at every opportunity.

Humour is everything. A sense of humour and the ability to find humour in anything and everything, that’s living.

What are your current best moments Sassy Sophy?

I will list them:

Walking my dog.

Making fun of my husband at every opportunity.

Prank calling my parents (they always fall for it!).

Embarrassing my child when he’s on the phone with his friends.

Eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations.

Small talk with deli customers.

These are amazing everyday moments.

What tools do you use to maintain your positivity?

MUSIC!!!!!!!!! I love music! There’s a song for every mood!

Even if I had a rough day, nothing beats blasting some Laura Brannigan, Madonna, Mary Jane Girls or Sweet Sensation!!! I can go on! Anything 80’s and fun! Always lifts my spirit!!! And THE RAMONES!!! And Greek music!!!!!!

Speaking of spirits... a cocktail after a long shower...after a long day.

Especially when laughing with my mom on the phone. (She’s hysterical!!!!!) Or any of my close friends and family.

Also trying to get my son into prank calling.... he’s not that great yet.

Is your perspective realistic?

I mean… We have a life. We have to live it. Cry when you feel like crying. But I try not to take things too seriously. We are here for a short time... Let’s live it up!

Obviously there are tragedies and problems in everyone’s lives. People have to deal with some hard stuff. Homelessness, illness, abuse etc...

I have met people who have walked through the gates of a proverbial hell and have come out as fresh as a spring flower.

Life’s small pleasures are the actual picture. The little things, combined… Make the big picture.

What suggestions would you give others to help them maintain their positivity?


What is the future like for you?

No one knows what the future holds, that’s the fun part! Also, looking forward to becoming a crotchety and funny old lady. Not gonna lie...

Can’t wait to tell kids “When I was your age... etc.”

Or “Our drugs were better.”

Or ”When I was 16 .... lol.”

How do you feel today?

I feel good. I mean, I wish gyms were open, but that’s a “privileged person’s problem.

Many, many, many other people have it WAY worse. Look at the homelessness issue!!! The women’s shelters... the addiction rate...

Service is what puts things in perspective.

I think that helping others gives one a sense of purpose. Not in a “Look at what I did.” way. Nor a, “I will be blessed” kind of way. I feel like that’s a business transaction for a ticket to “heaven”.

It’s the interactions with people that you would never otherwise meet. That’s the gold. That makes me feel good. Meeting new people and hearing their stories.

That’s the best part! Connecting with someone. That connection is the best feeling in the world!

What is beautiful in your life? What is your joy?

Looking forward to something! Anticipation is the greatest!

That is the best!!!!

A delicious meal in the making…

Driving home and anticipating a cozy night, snuggling with my dog, next to the fireplace with a nice glass of wine while watching The Crown.

Anticipation. It used to be about vacations and parties and dinners etc. Right now it’s about getting the last tub of caramel cone explosion at the Dep... at 7:40 pm!!!!!

We have to keep the anticipation going somehow!!!!

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my family, my job, my friends, and my work family. My health. I’m grateful and proud to be living in Canada. I’m grateful that I can go to the grocery store and buy whatever I need. I’m grateful that I have a home. I’m grateful that I have a car. I’m grateful for having internet access. I’m grateful that I can speak 3 languages. I’m grateful for everything!

I am a lucky girl.

My parents didn’t have it so easy growing up. I am grateful for running hot water lolol !

Grateful for knowing you Suzanne!!!

  • Sophy Agelopoulos can be found at the Famous: Snowdon Deli, 5265 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC, H3W-3C2, 514-488-9129


Suzanne Reisler Litwin: The Spring 2021 Series: Pumping Up Positivity; Part Three – These Two Youts

Lea Beddia

Lea Beddia

  • Teacher Extraordinaire, Mother, Beautiful Writer and aspiring speller with a green thumb in-training.

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think about?

What time is it? With Three little ones at home, I'm often up at all hours of the night, so each time I wake, I look over at the clock and wonder, can I go back to bed or is it time for coffee?

I asked Lea, what positive words do you think about or use during your day. She simply replied:

You've Got This.

I asked Lea, what is your positive perspective?

Everything takes time, and the things that take the most time, are usually the most worthwhile.

What are your current best moments?

When my kids walk off the school bus and I get to take them home. It's seriously a privilege to be their mommy.

What tools do you use to maintain your positivity?

Exercise, reading or any other quiet time to charge my batteries. A good rant with someone who understands exactly how I feel, usually my husband, where he smiles, and nods letting me say anything. Support is everything, and usually a chat with my mom goes s a long way (bonus points if her food is involved), even if we never talk about what's bothering me.

Is your perspective realistic?

This reminds me that nothing good happens or changes overnight, and that even the best laid plans often go askew, but with the right effort and timing, good things can happen.

What suggestions would you give others to help them maintain their positivity?

Allow yourself to feel disappointed, frustrated, and blue. Without acknowledging those difficult emotions, we can't move past them or find solutions. Sometimes you must struggle through.

What is beautiful in your life? What is your joy?

My kids are my greatest source of joy, pride, and frustration. They were born with minds of their own, and we don't always agree, but I'm so happy they are willing to challenge their world.

What are you grateful for?

Every privilege I enjoy and every hardship I've avoided.

I asked Lea if she would like to add anything else. She added a very interesting note:

Being positive isn't always my default setting. It requires work, reflection, and self-love.


Thank you to multi-amazing Sophy Agelopoulos and Lea Beddia. I hope their positive perspectives are helpful and encouraging. Next week our series continues with more positive perspectives which I hope will “Pump You Up!”

Enjoy the little gifts life has to offer, and then share them!

— By Suzanne Reisler Litwin

— AB

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