Suzanne Reisler Litwin: The Need is Real

Oh it’s very real. It’s all around us. It’s everywhere you may look. It’s on your street, in your community, and certainly in your city. It’s quiet. It’s alone. It’s simple.

It’s need.

And… it needs you!

There is need everywhere. People who need. Animals who need. Families who need. Communities who need.

The list is long. It’s very long. Too long not to notice. Especially with the holidays and cold weather surrounding us, need seems to be more needing now.

My column focuses on appreciating the little things in life and extracting great meaning from it. So, the focus is on need. It’s time to give something, anything to fulfill a need.

There are people who need clothing, food, help, and companionship and especially love. So… Give it!

There are animals who need food, homes, and companionship and especially love. So… Give it!

Somewhere, someone, something has needs which needs filling. So… Fill it!

If you don’t want to visit people who have needs, then collect and distribute the things they might need.

Women’s shelters always need products such as shampoo, hair brushes, soap, tampons, tooth brushes, tooth paste, tissues, socks, clothing, purses, and gift cards. And more.

Homeless people need warm clothing blankets, hats, gloves, socks, shoes, sweaters, and coats. And more.

Elderly people need companionship, food, a lift to an appointment, tender loving care and more. Many elderly people are alone. So… Go visit!

Hospitals are filled with people who have great needs.

Everyone needs love. Everyone wants to be held, hugged and cared for.

I call out to you, my beautiful readership. My wonderful loving amazing readers.

If you have time, any time, please fill a need. Collect money, or things that people might need and give it to them. If you have resources, tap into those and provide for others.

If you are sitting comfortably in your home reading this, please look around and ask yourself, is there anything I can do, I can share, I can give to those who are in need. Ask yourself, “Do I really need all that I have and can I give some to others?”

Fill an old purse with items a woman might need if she fled her home last night and is currently safe in a woman’s shelter. What might she need to feel better?

Fill a bag with warm clothing you don’t wear and bring it to and organization or center which distributes clothing for people in need.

Fill an extra bag of groceries of non-perishable goods and bring it to a food bank.

Fill a void for someone who has lost a special someone. Give a hug and love.

Call any organization which cares for people or animals and ask, “What do you need, what can I do?”

In doing any of the above, I can promise you one beautiful thing. Whatever you do to help fill a need, will fill your heart with wonderful love. The more you fill a need, the more your heart will fill with love.

And the world will be a little brighter for someone, something, somewhere.

I thank you. I thank you very much.

—Suzanne Reisler Litwin


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