Suzanne Reisler Litwin: Quick! Send Candy

Send Candy…QUICK!!!.....I don’t know what it is about candy which makes me so happy? Whenever I need a pick me up, I go straight to my candy dish, drawer, or closet. That’s right I have candy all over my home. I come by it honestly. My mother is famous for having candy wrappers in every pocket or purse.

Especially when times get rough, I long for candy. Not too long ago, our family suffered a very sad loss. We were all in shock and at a loss for understanding. Such a confusing time filled with sorrow. Friends and family brought over meals and desserts, some sent flowers and donations. I couldn’t eat. I just processed what I had to do.

My darling friend from New York called me and asked, “What can I do to make you feel better? How can I help?” I had no answers as I felt numb. Two days later a very big red and white striped box arrived at my home. The box had these words printed on it, Handle with Care, then Indulge!

The red and white stripes caught my attention and especially the lettering. I was curious and excited. Emotions I had not felt in a very long time. I opened the box and there it was rows and rows and rows of different types of candy. Here is the list of contents: licorice, gummy bears, jelly beans, sour peaches, chocolates, marshmallows, almond bark, gum balls, fudge, rock candy, candy buttons, taffy, caramels, chocolate covered almonds, yogurt covered raisins, coffee crisps, toffee, chocolate covered marshmallows, and Swedish berries.

I’m certain there was more candy. Which I can’t seem to recall right now, but it was a huge assortment of colourful, tasty, delicious, love filled candy.

Suddenly, my mood shifted. What am I going to eat first? It was as though I just entered the Candy Garden of Roald Dahl’s, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Suzanne Reisler Litwin: Quick! Send Candy
Suzanne Reisler Litwin: Quick! Send Candy

So much to eat, so little time!

It was amazing how the sight, smell and touch of the candy juxtaposed me into a place of happy. Suddenly, I was more interested in the jelly beans than anything else. Next I ate the caramels, followed by the chocolates, then the marshmallows, and the Swedish berries. I took a break and continued to sample every candy in the box.

What happened is I forgot my sadness and replaced it with sweet yummy candy.

The sight of the candy all lined up in rows was something I will never forget. It struck a chord with me. I didn’t want to upset the symmetry of the beautiful colours and textures, but my desire for the sweetness in my mouth overruled my judgement.

Sue, you need to have more self-control, be more disciplined, listen to you head not your heart!

Ya, ya, ya… I’ve heard that all before. I’m honestly not good at the above three pieces of advice. Actually, I will be completely truthful in saying, I should listen, I don’t and I won’t so I can’t and I’m done listening.

I’m good at something and not so good at others. Controlling myself with candy is a no brainer for ZERO CONTROL!

Can you imagine me in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? A dream come true for me. I recently watched the movie again to treat myself to the excitement of loving candy. If there was a 6th child supporting actor it could have been me with the name: Gloria Gooperberry.

Bottom line, it all makes me smile, happy and excited. It’s not easy to resist, and I do at times, then I indulge.

I wonder… What are your favourite foods and/or drink which make you smile, happy and excited? Something your eyes light up when you see it. You own special Idaho of food and/or drink.

Could it be a classic steamed hotdog, with fries, and a diet coke? (Noonie)

Could it be delicious vodka on the rocks on a warm summer’s evening? (Walt)

Could it be a full bowl of homemade spaghetti with meat sauce? (Neil)

Could it be an ice cold black cherry drink with a smoke meat sandwich? (Taylor)

How’s about a bacon cheeseburger with a chocolate shake? (Duke)

How’s about a chocolate ice cream clown from Baskin & Robbins? (Allyn)

What is your go to, make you smile and feel love food and/or drink?

Let us know! Share the joy! And if you feel the need…Send Candy, Quick!

— By Suzanne Reisler Litwin

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