Suzanne Reisler Litwin: Potty Mouth

I have been told I have a “Potty Mouth”. I’ve heard other charming expressions such as: gutter mouth, dirty mouth, toilet mouth, foul mouthed and my favourite, muck-spout.

I enjoy hearing that I “swear like a trooper” or I “swear like a sailor”!

It’s true. I swear on occasion. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I swear often. Hmmmm, maybe I can be more honest. I F&$!*Kin swear all the time!

I have been told I have a “Potty Mouth”. I’ve heard other charming expressions such as: gutter mouth, dirty mouth, toilet mouth, foul mouthed and my favourite, muck-spout.

I enjoy hearing that I “swear like a trooper” or I “swear like a sailor”!

Some people might find it vulgar to hear swear words. Or it’s considered uncouth. Maybe I’m boorish, unmannered, crude and insensitive? Perhaps I am.

However, I refer to my swear words as using my “Colourful Language”. Sometimes swear words just hit the spot on how you feel or the best way to describe a situation.

How do you feel? Sh*t. How was the meal? Sh*t. How was the show? I thought it would be Sh*t, but it was surprisingly good. It just sums it up easily.

And is it really so terrible to hear swear words?

I had an Aunt who would cringe when she would hear swear words. (Of course I used them more often when she was around just to bother her.)

She would cover her ears and say, “My virgin ears, stop using those horrible words!”

I never understood her ‘virgin ears’. I mean she has 4 kids, she was hardly a virgin! If she lost her virginity from having 4 children, how could her ears still be virginal? I never thoroughly understood her attempt to stop me from swearing. Actually, she encouraged me to do it more often.

When I teach, I make a solid effort not to swear. Those pesky words do pop up on occasion, but I make a valid effort to control my colourful language.

I tried not to swear in front of my children. I really tried to curb myself. I didn’t want them to be little potty mouths. I think the lesson here is to use those colourful words sparingly, but to use them with purpose.

I do not swear to offend anyone. It’s just my solid method of expression and description.

However, every once in a while I go off on a RANT!

Meaning of Rant:


1. speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.

"she was still ranting on about the unfairness of it all"


1. a spell of ranting; a tirade.

"his rants against organized religion"


It’s during a rant that my colourful language will certainly be on a great display. As many may suggest, “Sue Spews and Swears”

Meaning of Spew:


1. expel large quantities of (something) rapidly and forcibly.

"buses were spewing out black clouds of exhaust"


"oil spewed out of the damaged tanker"

Once the rant is over, there’s a cleansing feeling which comes over me. A completion, a satisfaction that I got it all out. Freedom is restored. Getting those harsh swear words out sometimes feels restorative and liberating.

And… Is it really so terrible to occasionally swear? In the scheme of all the bad things people do, is swearing really so bad? I can think of a lot worse things people do.

I find swearing a form of passionate expression. It doesn’t always need to be in a derogatory way. For example: That chocolate bar was f #$@king delicious! In this statement, the reader clearly understands how delicious the chocolate bar tastes. Kind of harmless, but meaningful.

In terms of normalizing swear words, many people will disagree with me. There are thousands of words which people can use to describe things without using swear words, so why ever use them?

I say, why not? I do. Maybe I’m bad. If this is as bad as I get, in my books it’s not so bad.

Many, many years ago, when I had young children, they sat in my car in car seats. At that time, I wasn’t very mindful about my colourful language. I would drive with my children in their car seats and I would talk on the speaker phone. I’m certain on many occasions I used swear words, probably more often than I care to admit.

On a younger me day, a pre-school teacher told me about the colourful words my child was using in her class. As she told me… I started to laugh! I said, “I wonder where my child learned that foul language, certainly not in my home!”

Though, certainly in my car! From then on, I tried to control my language when driving with children in my car.

If they learned this “bad” from me, I hope it’s the worst I’ve ever taught them.

No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect. Perfection is impossible. Living in and with imperfection is the place to be.

Again, I must admit that a solid swearing rant feels really good. It’s like being bad and naughty for a brief moment in time.

Go for it and you can blame me too!

— By Suzanne Reisler Litwin

— AB

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