Suzanne Reisler Litwin: People as Landscapes

The thing about being a creative person is that I'm rarely bored. My mind is always creating something. The problem with being this way is, at times I can't seem to relax my mind. When I get my creativity going, it's almost impossible to turn it off and stop the process.

I was sitting in my friend’s home waiting for her when a ridiculously creative thought popped into my mind. Can people and their personalities be represented as landscapes?

This struck me when I thought of one particular person I know. This person can be compared to an "Iceberg". On the surface (of the water) they appear to be non-threatening and small in size, floating about in an interesting shape, singular, and simplistic. However, under the water's surface they are huge, cold, overbearing, deceiving, and quite dangerous. What you don't see about this person is how large and dangerous they actually are. What you do see is just the "tip" of their iceberg.

How's about a babbling brook? I'm sure you might know plenty of people who could fit this description. A person who is friendly, light and airy. A person, who speaks a lot, makes constant noise in a carefree un-patterned like behavior. A people person, a good communicator, and who’s usually happy. A babbling speaker who just likes to talk and talk and talk, even when most people aren’t listening.

A glorious mountain fits the profile of many people I know. A pillar of strength, sort of masculine and brave. The kind of person whose presence is always felt, even when they are not close. When placing your back to a mountain, you feel the presence of its being. This man-mountain person is one that hovers with strength. Strong, quiet, and deep in vegetation with varying climates. I'm sure you might know someone beautifully mountainous.

How about the denseness of a valley, between two mountains? This humid flora with mysterious vegetation and sounds inhabits a variety of creatures. Perhaps this is a sexy environment with shadows and breaks of light. Scary snapping twigs along the damp floor, with serenading songs from the wild birds. I can think of a few people who might fit this amorous description.

A Rock! Just a big old rock. Stands proud and strong, brave and engraved into the solid earth. A person who you can depend on. Someone who is always there to take care of you. A reliable person, who’s always in the place where they are expected to be. That one friend who you know you can call at 2:00 a.m. and will jump out of bed to help you in a second. That solid rock person. I know a many people who fit this description.

The ocean’s shore line may represent an ever changing beautiful person. Consistently beautiful inside and out, but always changing. Sometimes calm and soothing to the point of rhythmically relaxing. Other times, a raging menace of powerful surges and forces. Weather causing changes that are beyond anyone’s control. However, when the beauty is present, all is forgotten because the gorgeousness is far more often than the storms.

I can definitely relate many people to this beautiful, yet menacing description.

The desert, with its dry sense of humour. Sometimes uninhabited, yet very adaptable for those who live there. With few needs for nourishment, it shines bright and very hot to touch. Not as frequented by many, but those who venture will easily fall in love with its beautiful landscape. A dry gem, specific in nature, strong and bold, but… actually quite dangerous.

Do you know someone who might fit this description?

Many people I know can be compared to a lake. A controlled and contained body of water which provides so much nourishment to all those around and in them. At times with an incredible stillness, a quietness of solitude. A place where so many can feed, rest, relax and recharge. Almost like a life charging station. Yet so peaceful and private. At times very close to a babbling brook or a waterfall. Still, the lake maintains its composure and tranquility. Easy to enjoy during all seasons for all different reasons. Very adaptable, reliable, and pleasurable.

Perhaps, my Mother is the best lake I know.

I can go on and on about all the different landscapes and personalities that can fit within them.

One of my favourite mini landscapes is a Lily Pond. With its dense thick water, filled with microscopic nutrients and minerals, a mecca of growth and rebirth. Welcoming to all those who wish to feed and fan out for a tan. Gorgeous in its display of varying violets, pinks and whites. Noisy, bustling with growth movement and prosper. At the same time, so still reserved and protected.

If you have never sat by a lily pond, treat yourself. It is a microcosm of magnificent beauty and sound.

Who is your Iceberg, Mountain, Valley, Rock, Ocean, Desert, and Lake?

Who is your Lovely Lily Pond?

Here is a poem I wrote many years ago while visiting York, Maine, USA.

The Lily Pod Pond of The Yorks

I’ve walked by it and didn’t notice much.

I’ve rode by it and barely cared at all.

I’ve thought of it as swampy dirty lands.

But I was very wrong…

It’s a Lily Pod Pond!

One day I heard a symphony of croaks.

That got my attention like a fog horn alert.

Baritones and bass drums of croakings and bloatings.

It knocked me right off my bike.

That’s when I noticed this incredible sight.

The Beeeeautiful Lily Pod Pond.

Nestled in high reeds and tall bull rushes.

Looking like thick swampy everglades.

Lives the microcosm of reptile families and water dwelling bugs.

Mother Earth decorated in every colored pink blossom.

Own by each pretty little Lady Lily.

The Incredible Lily Pod Pond

A sea of stinky pinks all open faced to the sun.

Flat landings for each frog to leap and lie on.

A community within its own and privately secluded to most.

I would have never known this place.

If it wasn’t for the symphonic invitation.

Among all the clatter and glamour and more.

A simple little world all to its own.

Situated between the busy and bustling of this and that.

The Lily Pod Pond of the Yorks.

— By Suzanne Reisler Litwin

— AB

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