Suzanne Reisler Litwin: I Feel the Love Babycakes!

Hello beautiful readers. I hope you are enjoying my weekly articles and especially the Saturday newsletter. Here is a little summary of what’s going on with the newsletter.

Each week I receive an audience report from the site which hosts and sends out my newsletter. The report includes all different kinds of data such as when and where my articles are read. Weekly I am astounded as to where in the world my articles are being read. In the last few weeks my articles have been read in Australia, Taiwan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, France, Germany, Japan, Thailand, Italy, The Netherlands, UK, USA, and Canada.

Each week more people subscribe to my newsletter which is so exciting. Also, each week more people from different places in the world are reading the articles. Sometimes, I just can’t wait to receive the weekly report. I’m always wondering where the articles are being read and if the readers are enjoying them. It’s super exciting and fun.

My weekly newsletter is sent out to the subscriber’s emails every Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. By Sunday at 6:00 p.m., I have a report stating where the newsletter was read. That’s when I wonder, Who? Where? When? And if they enjoyed it, I hope they shared it too.

It’s a mystery audience!

Another thing which seems to be happening is I meet people who tell me how much they enjoy my articles. Some will even say they look forward to reading them. When I hear this, I am over-joyed!!! I can’t believe it. I am so encouraged to continue. It’s as though that person put extra super charged fuel in my tank and I’m zipping around like a Formula 1 driver. I am in overdrive with excitement.

Even more than the excitement, I must admit I become filled with gratitude. Grateful to everyone who supports, reads and encourages my work. I’m so grateful to my beautiful readership here in Canada and around the globe!

I can’t believe I just wrote, around the globe… but it’s true.

From a professional stand point, I am encouraged to continue and push through the weeks when my pen is dry and my creativity is slow. There are many days when my creativity is not flowing at all and I just can’t get started … From a personal stand point, I FEEL THE LOVE BABYCAKES! I really do. I feel professionally and personally fulfilled.

Considering this is my Year of Love and we are on the heels of Valentine’s Day, I must let you know, I do feel the LOVE from my readership here and everywhere in the world. When I compose, I do so with a mandate to spread positivity and an appreciation for the little things in life. At times I hope to make you laugh, understand a quirky perspective, and experience some levity. Other times, I try to extract the importance in appreciating the simple joys of life. Especially now and today, love with all your might!

Some people think I see through only rose coloured glasses, I do. But I also see out of blue, green, yellow, red, and all the colours of a rainbow’s lenses. I am boundless!

However, when my work is appreciated I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. My arms swing with the freedom of my pen. I’m so thankful to you. You get my motor running.

Is this love? I think it is. Does it make me feel wonderful inside? Yes, it does. Do I want to share this love with everyone? I do, right now as I write you a love letter.

Dearest Wonderful Readers from This Incredible World,

Thank you so much for reading my articles. Thank you for supporting my work. Thank you so much for sending me emails, replies, likes, loves, photos, pictures and texts of encouragement. This week, a special thank you to Dina, Jodi, Barbara, Susan and Leslie for letting me know ‘in person’ how much you enjoy reading my articles. Thank you to my publisher for loving my quirky perspective and for his clever sweet emails. Thank you to my husband who doesn’t mind me working until 2-3 a.m. most nights, as that’s when I’m most creative. Thank you to Noonie and Ellen who listen while I read the articles out loud during the editing stages and for their very wise constructive criticism.

Mostly, thank you for the LOVE and GRATITUDE I feel today from you all, my beautiful readers. I am honoured and privileged to do what I love, because of you!

Love, Love, Love, Suzanne XOXO

P.S. Please continue to SHARE the articles with the world and let me know how you feel. 

P.P.S. If you want to receive the Saturday weekly newsletter, go to & click subscribe. 

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