Suzanne Reisler Litwin: All You Need is Love

I love. You love. Love a lot. All you need is love… Let’s focus on the love that’s out there. Love and positivity blend together. It feels good to be in love and passionate about people, something, and places.

However, I’m just going to put this out there…

I…… #@F**K*N+^&! miss hugging my friends! I miss giving a two cheek kiss! You never know when you get lucky to touch a super soft yummy smelling cheek! This new social distance B#LLS**T doesn’t jive with my personality. I NEED CONTACT! Lot’s more contact. I need to feel the love.

I’m a bit of a touchy feely person. I occasionally forget and I go in for the hug, when I shouldn’t. Sorry, often I have a lapse in my affectionate judgement.

I know this situation isn’t going to last forever, but neither will I! I’m not sure I can wait much longer.

I’m doing my best. I’m getting impatient. I want to hug and kiss and love the people I love!

So, it might just be time to go back to the Ye O’l days of Love Letter writing.

Dearest Darlin,

I think about you every day. I dream of us driving along the coast, wind in our hair, holding hands and listening to Carole King. I wish for the day when we can hold each other again in a passionate embrace. I long for the smell of your hair, your skin, your breath. Forever and ever in love with you.

X,O Your Candy Girl

I don’t want to send this in an email. That’s so impersonal. I don’t want to send this as a text. I’m not going to DM it either and I won’t send this in messenger. That’s actually the worst.

I’m going to find my beautiful “S” stationary and write on the silky vanilla oil soaked almost wet paper. Seal it with a heavy red lipstick kiss and put it into the mail box.

I will walk the dogs to the mail box, drop it in and it’s on its way, to you Darlin.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Waiting for a response… The anticipation is thrilling. But, I’m still so impatient!

Maybe that’s the problem, my impatience. I want to move on and give hugs, here there and everywhere!

Which brings me to the next emotion which is awkwardly not intact, anticipation.

I love anticipating something. Actually, when it comes to my birthday, I enjoy the anticipation more than the actual day!

I want to feel anticipation, the waiting for something wonderful to happen. The feeling you get when you planned a great evening and you’re just waiting for beloved guests to arrive.

The table is set and music is playing, while thoughtfully prepared food is cooking in the oven. This makes the home smell wonderful. The candles have just been lit. Dressed your best and waiting for the knock on the door or the doorbell to ring. The anticipation of a lovely evening is ringing in your heart.

Take all that anticipation and love and pour it into a love letter. Now’s the time to really compose a beauty and send it in the mail. The old fashion on the horse to you mail.

Sweetest Candy Girl,

I received your loving words. My heart skipped a beat reading them. The smell and texture of the paper reminded me of your sensuous skin. I think of us walking along the beach shore. The salty cold foam teasing our toes. Holding hands, strolling with the tide. Never ending waving singing phrases to us. I promise we will meet again at the Beautiful Place by the Sea.

Until then, I’m forever your Maine Man.

Darlin Dude

Never under estimate the power of well-crafted words. They speak volumes.

— Suzanne Reisler Litwin

— AB

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