Linda and Hainya

Linda Waitt and Hainya Wiseman in a scene from the first episode.

Unquestionably 2020 was a difficult year. As we begin 2021 I hope the availability of a vaccine will allow a return to normalcy by the summer or early fall.

In the meantime, we do indeed need to raise a hat for some of our community heroes. I must say that my columns, blogs and Suburban On Air video broadcasts have been filled with loads of positivity.

Today, I am focusing on a collaboration between the English Language Arts Network and Seniors Action Quebec. It is called “We’re All In This Together,” a community initiative to reach Quebec’s English-speaking seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers have created a new web series for seniors to help them battle isolation and fear during these difficult times. These bi-weekly episodes, directed by Montreal-based, award-winning filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart, feature entertainment, activities and conversations designed to reach out to those in need of support and remind them that we are, indeed, all in this together.

For the next nine months, they will be releasing 18 episodes easily found on YouTube and Facebook for anyone who wants to enjoy them. Even if you aren’t a senior but you know one, watch the series together! The first episode, Holiday Baking: Making Sugar Cookies with Hainya & Linda, went live in December.

“We are so happy to be able to bring some much needed entertainment and support from amazing Quebec-based artists to our seniors” says Vanessa Herrick, Executive Director at Senior Action Quebec. “We have all been through a difficult time and it is more important than ever to pull together and make sure that our loved ones know that even if we can’t be with them, we are all in this together, and they are not alone.”

This is also a great opportunity to take a moment and make sure that the seniors around you are able to access the internet and take advantage of all of the online resources out there for them. Episode 2 features a holiday concert with Martha Wainright’s, recorded at her intimate venue Ursa

Seniors Action Quebec works to maintain and enhance the vitality of English-speaking Quebec seniors. All efforts will identify and address challenges and issues to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for English-speaking seniors. ELAN is a meeting place for English-language artists and cultural workers of all disciplines from every region of Quebec, where they can share expertise and resources, build audiences and alliances, seek support, advocate for their interests, and make common cause with the Francophone arts community. Just go to:

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