Rafael Energía Dominicana

Rafael Energía Dominicana

During this COVID-19 pandemic period, Chomedey, Laval is being uplifted, entertained and inspired daily by their resident singing-walker-dancer, who also happens to be music artist Rafael Energía Dominicana, one of Canada’s most electrifying Latin music recording artists, originally from Bani, Dominican Republic.

It started out just after gyms in Quebec were forced to shut down because of the pandemic. And as physical fitness and dancing are an integral part of this energetic and vivacious singer songwriter’s live orchestra performances, he started daily walks in his neighbourhood while singing to his original music tracks heard through a headphone and filming himself on Facebook Live every morning, rain or shine. As he danced, walked and or jogged, public ears could only hear the vocals, all in Spanish with his merengue, bachata, salsas and more as Rafael’s powerful voice resonated in acapella throughout the neighbourhood that borders du Souvenir, Chomedey Blvd. and Pie X. Thinking that he was in solitude in this lovely and residential area, he naturally incorporated dance movements to his songs- but soon the recognition started! People started reaching out with hellos, thumbs up, with words of support and positive comments. This motivated and encouraged the singer-songwriter during these difficult times as a performing artist.

With his many show and event cancelations, this Chomedey neighbourhood became his ‘performance space’ with the mutual joy and inspiration with the “audience” of his own neighborhood as if he were doing a concert. “This walking in the morning is a party for me” said Dominicana.

Everyone from construction workers, kids with their parents, teachers and students in the playground of the schools, folks on their balconies — many who are working from their homes in living rooms, and kitchens looking out their windows all invigorate the singer. One of these people, Chomedey resident Charlie Williams Abel: said this in a Facebook Live post said: ”We have our neighborhood MVP, every morning he wakes up everybody with a beautiful song, a blessed voice, and for me it’s inspirational. Every morning before I start work, I hear the music and starts the day on a positive note. In Chomedey, everybody now, you go to our windows in the morning and you look, and you wait, and even the kids. Big singer people, big singer!”

This world class entertainer and his dynamic orchestra Rafael & Energía Dominicana, is an important figure of the Montreal Latin music scene has appeared in prestigious festivals and events all over Canada. He always encourages everyone to donate to Sun Youth, especially at this time of the year.

Log on to www.rafaelenergia.com.

A big thanks to his manager Glenda Rush of Vivo Musique for providing the content for this feel good article.

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