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Corrie Sirota on stage.

Most readers have probably heard of Corrie Sirota. The Chomedey native is well-known in the areas of loss and bereavement, parenting, relationships, as well as stress management and self-esteem. She is also the co-host of Life Unrehearsed on CJAD 800 Sundays afternoons.

It was the loss of her own brother many years ago that played a critical role in Corrie determining her chosen field and she is darn good at it. She is also the clinical director locally for Camp Erin, the largest network of free bereavement camps in North America designed for children and teens aged six to 17 who have experienced the death of someone close to them. The Sylvan Adams YM-YWHA and the Harry Bronfman Y Country Camp partner to make Camp Erin® Montreal an outstanding camp experience. She is the author of Someone Died...Now What? A Personal and Professional Perspective on Coping With Grief and Loss, available on Amazon.

Just a few weeks ago a TEDx Talk came to Laval (TEDx Talks involve local speakers presenting to local audiences about everything from politics to pollination) and Corrie was invited to present. “It was an incredible experience, a bucket list item for me to be sure,” Corrie shared with me before I went on the air with her and Matt Del Vecchio on a recent Sunday afternoon on CJAD. “This was also a ton of work, preparation, rewrites, rehearsals with and without coaches — but all worth it in the end — a true example of hard work pays off as I delivered a really heartwarming and informative presentation — or so I was told!”

The video will be posted online soon. “The process included submitting an online application, including a video of my topic,” Corrie explained. “Once I was accepted about six months ago, there was a meeting with the team in May, then we had two workshops with the team of eight speakers. Coaches are assigned to each speaker — most coaches are previous Tedx Laval speakers and are all volunteers. We had an ‘on stage’ rehearsal about one month prior to the actual event. There were four English speakers and four French speakers — the entire event is offered bilingually.”

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