Myriam Nadeau

Myriam Nadeau

As the COVID-19 crisis eases, the Minister of Health and Social Services announced last month that Quebecers could once again receive private health care as well as body and beauty care. Epiderma, a leading company in medical-aesthetic care and one of Quebec’s renowned brands, has therefore resumed offering its services.

The pandemic and its repercussions have affected the entire world, and everyone is dealing with the resulting stress and difficulties. “This period is challenging for all companies,” says Julie Bédard, President of Medicart Corporation.

Epiderma, a stakeholder in the Medicart network, remains faithful to its commitment to offer its growing clientele the best services in a spirit of closeness. Founded in Quebec in 2000, it has rapidly become a leader in the field of medical aesthetics with 32 clinics and over 180 employees in Quebec and Ontario. There are two clinics in Laval.

It was heartening for me to learn from Territory Manager Myriam Nadeau that when Epiderma shut down its clinics in March the company freed up 65 doctors and nurses to support the public health system. “We had to reschedule more than 13,000 appointments for the return to operations,” she explains.

The company has now been forced to reinvent its business model through virtual consultations and telemedicine.

Why do people need these services? “People want to feel good about themselves,” Nadeau says. “Our patients know that they have the best medical and technical support when they do business with us.”

The clinics are following strict safety standards, working with the governments and CNESST. “Our protocol in the clinic is much stricter than the standards adopted by the CNESST,” Nadea says. “The reopening was done gradually in order to test the protocol. Training was given to all our teams. The return to operations is different, but the health of our patients, clients and staff is paramount. We have their trust and that’s what matters.”

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