Jesse Camacho

Jesse Camacho (left) and some cast members from Locke & Key.

From the very start of this pandemic, my sanity has been saved by some strategic binge watching on NetFlix. The latest was Locke & Key, a thriller along the lines of cult favorite Stranger Things. It has already been renewed for a second season and one of the cast members is Montreal actor Jesse Camacho.

Perhaps best known for his breakout lead role as Sheldon Belcher in the TV series Less Than Kind, Camacho has an impressive array of credits to his acting resume. Both of his parents, Mark Camacho and Pauline Little, are actors as well. While he relocated to Toronto eight years ago, the 28-year-old Westmount High School graduate returned home when the COVID-19 lockdown began and he has been laying low since.

Right about now, Camacho was hoping to get a call to confirm that he would be back for season two of Locke & Key in the role of Doug Brazelle, part of the show’s self-proclaimed Savini Squad of teen horror filmmakers. But with the pandemic, all of the TV and movie universe remains indefinitely on hold.

“If we have to delay shooting in the industry for a few months then it is a small price to pay to contain the virus,” Camacho told me. “But there really is not a set plan to how a return would even work. TV sets can be real petri dishes. Do you minimize the number of cast members in a scene? What about intimate scenes? Will the crews wear masks?”

Locke & Key was filmed in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia and Toronto. Shooting began in February 2019 and continued for six months. Carlton Cuse, who brought us Lost, is the showrunner. “It really was overwhelming to be part of such a smash hit on Netflix that is being mentioned in the same breath as Stranger Things,” said Camacho. “Lost also happened to be my favorite TV show.”

The 10-episode Netflix supernatural horror series ends with a real twist. Give it a watch!

A LIFELINE FOR ADDICTS: Despite the lockdown, groups like Chabad Lifeline and Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger remain busier than ever. The addiction care centre offers confidential services with no waiting list and at no cost. “We have been busier then ever,” Rabbi Bresinger told me. “We immediately went onto Zoom video and phone calls so our services were never even delayed. I am trying to make sure that everyone knows we are available to help, even though our building is closed. We are seeing that online gambling is increasing and getting drugs is more dangerous then ever. Also the use of porn now will lead to a real problem after.” They can be reached at

WILD ABOUT DR. GARY: Count me among those who will lobby for more lectures via Zoom when this pandemic nightmare is over. Last week I tuned into a virtual lecture entitled Living With IBD During The Pandemic. It was presented by the McGill IBD Research Group. Gastroenterologist Dr. Gary Wild, who also has a background in Psychology,was the guest speaker. Not only was his subject matter interesting, but the question and answer period went so smoothly as people merely wrote down their queries in the chat box. Dr. Wild said that Tele-Medicine has become so productive during this time he believes that a lot of patients will favor this option when life returns to normal. “It is more convenient,” he said, “especially if you know what parking at the Montreal General Hospital is like!”

THUMBS UP: NDG-Côte des Neiges Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery and Chief of Staff Annalisa Harris have been lending support to those in need. Last week they dropped by MultiCaf in CDN, which continue to feed those on low incomes.

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