Bad Skin

Bad Skin, featuring Dope at the top stair, are gaining attention on the music circuit.

Have you heard of the band Bad Skin? The four girl members just love to take every opportunity to show the world what they are capable of!

It all started with Dope, (signer/ rhythm guitarist) from Laval. Her real name is Tamara Galdames Morales, a 26 year old dynamo whom I had a chance to chat with over Zoom. “The name has nothing to do with drugs,” she laughed. “It just means that I am addictive!”

Since birth Dope knew she would leave her mark on the world. Everywhere she goes people always remember her phenomenal energy, no one even knows when she sleeps! In late 2016 she wanted to start a crazy all girl Punk/Rock Band and quickly found her accomplices! With some flyers and posters, she eventually met Caro Joseph, also from Laval (lead guitarist) and automatically knew it was a match in heaven. Afterwards, thanks to Facebook she found Aurély Mirabel Caron (bassist) and the final missing piece, Christine Bouchard (drums). With passion and dedication, they had one mission in mind, speak for the voiceless! They connect with their fans in the most incredible way and they help them raise awareness on daily injustices through their songs. Soon enough they were signed by Dance Plant Records who is helping and mentoring them along the way to be the best version of themselves and take off on that unbelievable journey…. which is just starting!

Bad Skin recently unveiled their album and new video for Grey Day. They don’t shrink from their responsibility of being a racially-diverse, woman-only rock band in an industry that has a long history of not supporting either for very long, and with UK dates set for 2022, this isn’t the last we’re going to hear from them.

“Grey Day” is menacing, loud and charging.

“The EP was written and recorded back in 2019,” the band reveals. “Our main goal was to take a step further than our previous album. We’ve all grown and matured in our writing, and it shows!”

Fun fact, they confess, is that “Grey Day’s” slick solo was written a mere four hours prior to its recording. “We had another solo before, but Caro wasn’t satisfied,” they shared. “The morning of the recording, she woke up with this melody and recorded it!”

The band are no stranger to the festival circuit, having already added an illustrious catalogue of major shows in their newly minted career including Music 4 Cancer, Pop Montreal, Pouzza Fest, 77 Festival, Rockfest pour la santè mentale, and Le Phoque Off. They’ve recently announced a slew of 2022 dates, too; presented by IndigoBravo Promotions, Bad Skin will take the stage overseas on a UK blitz this coming July.

Dope said that she wants to see the band go more mainstream with future songs. The music business does not cover all of the bills. She also works at a Laval bar, which is a fine fit she says. The other members of the band have day jobs as well.

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