Chateau Champlain

Château Champlain GM Joseph Klein with Jack Sofer and Mike Yuval.

Mike Yuval and Jack Sofer are real estate visionaries who have come a very long way from their first project almost 50 years ago, the purchase and subsequent sale of an NDG duplex, to the establishment of Tidan Construction Inc., the precursor to the Tidan Hospitality and Real Estate Group.

Tidan only recently purchased the Marriott Château Champlain. While Yuval calls it “a cornerstone of Montreal’s modern history,” maybe there was something more to the purchase? “Yes,” Yuval told me when we met at Le Mount Stephen, the one-time historic Montreal private club he and Sofer transformed into a mansion hotel. “When my wife Monika and I got married here we could not afford a wedding reception. I asked someone where I could take her and it was recommended we go to the 36th floor of the Château Champlain. They had a buffet for $4.75 and that is where we celebrated our marriage, just the two of us. At one point I whispered to my wife that one day I would own this place. It only took 50 years, but I did it!”

SINAI CAFE: The Auxiliary of Mount Sinai Hospital hosted a “Cinq a Sept” celebrating the recently and beautifully renovated Sinai Cafe, and third floor Palliative Care family room. A very generous donation by philanthropists Lucie and Andrei Smirnov allowed these renovations to move forward, all in consultation with members of the CIUSSS architectural team. Interior designer Myrna Gotfrit donated hours of her time, skills and expertise to bring this project to fruition. She will be the honouree at a hospital gala fundraising event at the Segal Centre in October. Auxiliary past presidents Ilona Eliakim, Ellen Fabian and Barbara Fogelbaum are credited with planting the seeds and believing that anything is possible with cooperation and team work.

GREILSAMMER BAND RETURNS: Superb Israeli violinist, singer, and songwriter Michael Greilsammer and his wife Shimrit will play at the Brasssrie Beaubien (73 Beaubien East) on Tues. June 26. Originally a virtuoso violinist, Greilsammer is an audacious artist who is not afraid of connecting between distant and diverse musical worlds, such as rock, reggae, Irish folk, classical music, French traditional tunes, and Middle-Eastern beats. Info:!shows

MAKING IMPACT: I was at Saputo Stadium last Wednesday when the Impact defeated Orlando City FC 3-0. Owner Joey Saputo did a classy half-time ceremony, recognizing top players from the past 25 years. This included Mauro Biello, Rocco Placentino, Patrick Leduc, Grant Needham, Adam Braz, Patrice Bernier and Antonio Ribeiro. Here is my suggestion. Like the Canadiens and Alouettes, form a proper alumni association and send these guys out to community events like ambassadors – an activity that is sorely lacking on the Impact’s part, especially in areas where they have still not developed a fan base.

COHEN CHATTER: Former CJAD talk show host Melanie King has now made her excellent Podcast Lost In Translation even easier to access with a Facebook page by that name. Go ahead and like it! …. Congratulations to dentist Sid Blanshay on scoring a hole in one on the 13th hole of Le Diamant Golf Course last week, witnessed by Bill Greenberg, Harvey Raymer and Jack Rosenthal… Professor Norman Cornett has booked multiple-award winning jazz singer Ranee Lee to perform with a jazz choir and instrumental ensemble, along with trumpeter, Ron Di Lauro on July 1 (10:30 am) at the Red Roof Church (137 President Kennedy Ave.) There is no charge. Info: … Patrons and volunteers from MADA Community Center celebrated the Shabbat to Share family dinner program recently at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue. They enjoyed inspirational speeches, a gift for all and a delicious community dinner. Bialik High School’s Grade 7 boys volunteered to serve the 500 attendees.

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