Sammy Reda

Sammy Reda and his two sons with their visors.

Laval resident Sammy Reda, a parent of two students, makes his living manufacturing auto parts. Business at OEM Industries has continued throughout the pandemic. In the wake of COVID-19, he and some partners recently created an entity called Frontline to sell face shields. Before the product even went on the market, he made donations to several schools of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board.

“Right now we are sourcing the product,” Reda says. “In addition we are cutting, doing the assembly and packaging.”

One of Reda’s sons, Thomas, attends Genesis Elementary School in Duvernay while his older brother, Christopher, is a student at Collège d’Anjou. Just a few weeks ago the Quebec government had plans to reopen elementary schools. That is when Reda and his partners stepped up. “Honestly,” said Reda, “my wife and I were on the fence about whether to send our son back. Nonetheless we wanted to make sure all of the staff and students would be safe.”

Among the local schools that received the donated shields were Genesis, St. Paul, St. Vincent, Jules Verne and Terry Fox. For more information go to

MOBILE PUNCH: As many people return to work this week, Quebec company Mobile Punch has come up with an innovative new technology to help small businesses and workers during this period. The new app will allow companies to manage the new mandatory CNESST guide health questionnaires swiftly and safely without the need for handing in physical documents or disregarding social distancing measures. As well as a tool for protecting worker safety, the app is set to save small and medium-sized businesses time, money and resources they can allocate elsewhere in these difficult times

The Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ) Laval Laurentides and Mobile-Punch have been partners since 2017. In fact, Laval Laurentides is the first ACQ office to promote Mobile-Punch to their members. ACQ Laval Laurentides highly recognized this initiative that really contributed to the relaunch of the construction industry during this crisis. Mobile-Punch makes life easier for company managers and employees by simplifying management of time sheets, payroll, project monitoring and report creation.

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